Successful SACC Perth WA Event about Mining Innovation 23 October

SACC Perth | Thank you to everyone who attended the Mining Innovation Breakfast Q&A in Perth 23 October. Special thanks to the event sponsors, DB Schenker and Metzke and to the Embassy of Sweden for co-hosting this event. Attendees included HE Pär Ahlberger, Professor Göran Roos, panelists Hayley Ford, Shaiful Ali, Mikael Arthursson, and Timothy Few. The panel discussion was moderated by SACC board member Joseph Olsson, Principal, Business Development, SSAB. Topics included:

  • Digital and automation solutions and how they can support miners in achieving improved productivity
  • Analytics and data systems and how they can make mining smart
  • How collaborations between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), miners, government and academia can deliver technological innovations in Australia
  • Opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs to support the ongoing transformation in the mining industry


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