Expanding Network

The Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce (SACC) provides a platform to network, forge new connections and eco-systems, initiate collaboration and cooperate with organisations and professionals with Swedish-Australian business interests. A dynamic platform to deliver relevant and informative forums and events, offer valuable programmes for personal and professional development, for members to stay informed, exchange ideas and find synergies, business partners and like-minded people.

With a network of over 130 members we bring value to members across all sectors and industries, from large corporates to SMEs, entrepreneurs, start-ups and individual business professionals. 

Influencing and Advocating

The SACC support and advocate Swedish business interests towards political stakeholders and act as a channel to influence decision makers whether it is legislation issues, policies and other areas of high importance.


Engage and get involved in the SACC committees and initiatives. The Chamber works to promote the value proposition of Sweden to further strengthen the identity and message of the Swedish business community in Australia.

Knowledge and Inspiration

The SACC offers the opportunity to engage in a number of events ranging from business seminar series on current topics, to the next generation of Australian-Swedish business, casual networking forums, breakfast seminars, lunches, educational seminars and social events around Swedish festivities.

Swedish Culture and Values

As well as providing a link to the Swedish-Australian business network the SACC provides companies, staff, expats, professionals and other individuals with a connection to Swedish values, culture and traditions.

Introductions and Matchmaking

Members gain access to extra services such as matchmaking, referrals, member introductions, business contacts, the opportunity to receive trade enquiries, social media postings and recruitment opportunities across industries.

Marketing and Branding

Benefit from SACC’s branding and partner opportunities. Gain extra visibility through our monthly events, the digital newsletter with over 2500 recipients within the Swedish-Australian Business Community, through online brand recognition and social media exposure via marketing and sponsorship opportunities.


(max 20 employees)
(up to 2 year old business)
Access to unique and diverse business network.
Extended network opportunities through other chambers and industry organisations.
Yearly partner meeting with SACC Executive Committee
Participate in annual Executive Forums and round table discussions with active contribution to the Swedish-Australian bilateral relationship and related, current topics.
Assistance in facilitating meetings and activities in association with CEO visits and other important visitors.
Participation in delegation programs and company visits.
National Membership
Participation in Business Mentorship Program and SACC courses.
Reduced members rate at SACC and YP Events.
Premium Marketing Package 1 (see link under marketing and branding)
Corporate Marketing Package 2 (see link under marketing and branding)
Small Business and Start Up Marketing Package 3 (see link under marketing and branding)
Company branding, promotion and sponsorship opportunities at SACC events, newsletter, website and social media.
Receipt of SWEDELINK Newsletter.
Opportunity to make member-to-member offers.
Introductions and matchmaking opportunities.
Opportunity to receive trade enquiry referrals.
Voting right at the AGM and possibility to participate on the SACC board.
Membership rate per year Excluding GST$4950$1950$390$250$180$70
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