Update from the Swedish School in Sydney – International School Conference 5-7 May in Sydney

Swedish School Conference in Sydney 2023

The Swedish School in Sydney is pleased to announce that the program for the International School Conference, taking place on May 5th-7th, 2023, has been finalized. While the 2017 conference focused on acknowledging the personnel within the Swedish Schools in Oceania, the 2023 conference will offer an inner journey.

The cross-generational framework offered by the 2023 conference is based on the philosophy of Australia’s indigenous people. The concept is based on relating common material and spiritual values to nature (land and sea) in relation to others (family, communities, and nations) to give you a clear roadmap and grounding in existence to enable growth.

The program features both fantastic speakers and content. You will find out what is required to maintain a language abroad. Studying Swedish at a school unit is important, but there are also other critical components. Professor Emeritus Joseph Lo Bianco, commissioned by UNICEF and the EU, will present these components using examples from around the world.

From an international perspective, national attention is focused on the grammatical and lexicographic work that the Swedish Academy does for the Swedish language. Products and projects for different levels and user groups will be presented that can be used directly in your language education by Chair Number 2 and Member of the Swedish Academy, Bo Ralph.

The Swedish language is developing and changing. The change is expressed in both vocabularies but also in attitudes and values. Professor Emeritus in Nordic Languages Anna Hannesdóttir will present these changes.

From theory, concrete tips will be given by Dr Janica Nordström on how to engage students in the classroom. Janica has previously worked as an HSC teacher for the Swedish School in Sydney and knows what the supplementary classroom reality looks like.

The program will also feature interactive workshops. The workshops are aimed at different target groups so that everyone, regardless of their role in the school, can get the most out of the conference. 

We encourage all participants to bring comfortable clothes for sunrise yoga, read the newsletters, and consider which workshops they want to attend to get a clear roadmap and grounding for themselves and your organization before the conference.

We wish all the participants welcome.

Pernilla Thakur Lundqvist, Swedish School in Sydney
Annika Ryan, Swedish School in Newcastle
Anette Ryan, Swedish School in Melbourne
Sandra Lien, Swedish School in Perth

The conference is organised in close collaboration with Swedish schools in Melbourne, Perth, and Newcastle.

The conference is the result of many people’s work. Without the support of the Swedish National Agency for Education, Svensk Utlandsundervisning Förening and Sverigekontakt, neither teaching nor this conference would be possible. But also the Embassy of Sweden in Canberra, the Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce, and Swedish Council of NSW with Svenska klubben, Nordlingarna. Even Sigtuna Humanistiska Läroverk, Yoga Yama, and Yum Yum Swedish Candy have contributed.

Many thanks to all who have contributed to this fantastic program.

For further information, please refer to the latest newsletter or contact Pernilla Thakur Lundqvist at principal@swedishschoolinsydney.org.au.


SACC Member – Randek is working with one of Australia’s leading prefabricated modular builders

1st robotic production line for house wall panels by Randek

Melbourne-based modular builder commits to the future of offsite construction with advanced robotic manufacturing equipment.

One of Australia’s leading and most progressive prefabricated modular builders, Modscape, have unveiled their plans for their new division, Modbotics, a fully automated robotic production line for building elements.

“Modscape has been working with leading Swedish based manufacturing Robotic company, Randek, since February 2019 on developing an advanced suite of robotic lines – purpose-made for the manufacture and completion of wall panels,” explained Jan Gyrn, Modscape CEO.

“The robots will manufacture open and closed walls, passive house walls, floor and roof cassettes – with tolerances to a fraction of a degree and millimetre.”

Modscape is investing in Randek’s 3rd generation ‘ZeroLabor 3.0’ system, and it has been designed to be scalable and flexible to accommodate changing requirements.

Randek’s ZeroLabor 3.0 due for installation at Modscape.

Working alongside Modscape employees, the Modbotics robotic production line, according to company sources, “will transform modular and prefabricated construction – enhancing the time, cost, quality and safety aspects of every project delivered.”

At the core of the new robotic manufacturing line are modern methods of construction (MMC), and according to industry research, the new line will be 50% faster to manufacture prefabricated elements, improve sustainability credentials, and produce 70% less landfill than conventional construction.

Read the full article here:


Contact for more information: Jason Reints at jason@blissandreels.com.au


Watch Randek’s ZeroLabor system in action

Member news from the Swedish School in Sydney

Swedish School Conference in Sydney 2023

The Swedish School in Sydney is happy to announce that on the 5-7th of May 2023, there will be an international conference held in Sydney for Swedish language schools in Oceania. The conference is organised by the Swedish School in Sydney in close collaboration with Swedish schools in Melbourne, Perth and Newcastle.

The language conference is open to teachers and school administrators working with supplementary teaching of Swedish as a community language. Swedish schools are funded by the National Agency of Education in Sweden (Skolverket) but also by state-specific organisations like the New South Wales Community Language Schools (NSWCLS), where a requirement for students is that Swedish is used as a living language at home. This year, the Swedish language conference will be based around the theme of “Swedish as a second language”. The conference is anticipated to attract around 60 participants across Australia, New Zealand, and nearby regions.

Teaching at a community language school is often demanding, as lessons are organised after a regular school day or in the weekend, and classrooms include mixed age groups and different levels of language proficiency. This requires additional pedagogic strategies to ensure that lessons are engaging, fun and valuable for all students. The conference program will therefore include a mix of theory driven sessions around how to teach a second language as well as practical tips to use in the classroom. There will also be opportunities for teachers to catch up, exchange ideas around teaching strategies and to form collaborative networks. The conference program will also include a roadmap for students interested in studying at a Swedish university later on.

To keep all delegates inspired throughout the weekend, there will also be some holistic aspects included in the program such as sunrise yoga at the Opera House, tasting of the traditional and much-loved Swedish cinnamon bun (kanelbulle), and plenty of time to discover all the wonderful things that Sydney has to offer. There are also plans to include some indigenous aspects of teaching and living.

As with many non-profit organisations, the schools are dependent on enthusiastic voluntary work, where in many cases, participants will fund their own airfares to and from the conference. We are seeking additional funding and are inviting Swedish companies to become event sponsors. By supporting the conference, together with the National Agency of Education (Skolverket), Svensk Utlandsundervisnings Förening (SUF) and Riksförening Sverigekontakt, your company will contribute towards keeping the Swedish language and culture alive. If you are interested in more information regarding the conference, or just pop by for a kanelbulle, please contact Pernilla at principal@swedishschoolinsydney.org.au.

Thank you SACC, for giving us the opportunity to write this article. We would also like to extend a special thanks to the National Agency of Education, SUF, Riksförening Sverigekontakt and the state-specific organisations like NSWCLS for making it possible to keep our language and culture alive.

Healthcare Innovation – Intelligent Healthcare Solutions 29 Sept @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Welcome to join this session on Intelligent Healthcare Solutions, which is part of the Swedish Australian Innovation Technology and Design Summit 28-29 September at the University of Technology Sydney.

Intelligent Healthcare Solutions session speakers:

  • AstraZeneca – Kerrie McDonald, Vaccines and Health Policy Lead, Corporate Affairs
  • Elekta Shaun Seery, Senior Vice President
  • Ortivus & Corvanta Reidar Gårdebäck, CEO Ortivus AB and Mitch Farquhar, Operations Manager Corvanta, Emergency Services
  • Moderator Professor Michael Nilsson, Director, Centre for Rehab Innovations & Global Innovation Chair of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Newcastle

Date and time: 29 September, 11.00 am -12.00 pm AEST

Venue: The University of Technology Sydney, The Great Hall, Level 5, 15 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia

See overview of the program for the two days here. All sessions are free but pre registration is required. You can book individual sessions or take part in the full 1 or 2-day program.


To purchase tickets for the Gala Dinner Thursday 29 September please click here

Contact us

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The Carlsberg Scandinavian Film Festival is on now in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra

The Carlsberg Scandinavian Film Festival is on now with a great selection of Scandinavian films check out their websites for film locations, session times and tickets https://scandinavianfilmfestival.com/


There are some very good Swedish films featured this year and the centrepiece of the festival is the Swedish film The Emigrants

This is a stylish new adaptation of The Emigrants, starring Gustaf Skarsgård, Sofia Helin, Laurence Kinlan, Lisa Carlehed and Tove Lo by internationally acclaimed Norwegian director Erik Poppe, an epic period drama see the trailer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1XzFFO10fs&t=3s&ab_channel=SFStudios



CEO Talk with Mr Christian Levin, President & CEO of Scania and Traton Group – Swedish Chambers APAC CEO Series 8 June 2022

The Swedish Chambers APAC are proud to announce that Mr Christian Levin​, President & CEO of Scania and  TRATON GROUP​, will be at our next meet CEO Series online event on 10 June to talk about Scania’s presence and plans in APAC.

Mr Levin will give us an insight to Scania’s commitments to reach net-zero emissions, their investment in building its third global production hub in China, and the secret behind Scania’s success in APAC. He will also talk about the unique Scania modular production system and how it creates value for customers. Finally, he will introduce the audience to the more “invisible” business area: Power Solutions.


Online event 10 June at 5.00 -6.00 pm AEST

The link to access the webinar will be forwarded to registered participants prior to the webinar.

Exclusively for SACC Members. 

Sign up to become a member of SACC here https://www.swedishchamber.com.au/membership/



Mr Christian Levin, President & CEO of Scania and Traton Group

Mr Christian Levin joined Scania in 1994, the same year he obtained his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He commenced his career at Scania as a marketing trainee and took up his first management position in 1997. In 2001 he became Director of Product Marketing and in 2005 he took the position as Managing Director, Scania Schweiz AG. Christian Levin has also been managing Director of Italscania S.p.A. In 2010, he was appointed Executive Vice President and Head of Commercial Operations. In 2016, Christian Levin was appointed Executive Vice President, Head of Sales and Marketing. In January 2019, he took up the position as Chief Operating Officer at TRATON GROUP and was also appointed as a member of the Executive Board of TRATON SE. As of May, 2021 Christian Levin is President and CEO of Scania and as of October 2021, he is CEO of TRATON SE. Member of the Swedish government’s Electrification Commission and Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. Other directorships: Chairman of the Supervisory Board MAN Truck & Bus SE. Board member of Navistar LLC, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus, Association of Swedish Engineering Industries and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).


Ms Reema Bhattacharya, Senior Analyst at Control Risks

Ms Reema Bhattacharya is a Senior Analyst in Control Risks’ Singapore office. She plays a key role in expanding the firm’s services in the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) risk space and works alongside clients to strengthen their in-house ESG processes. Ms Bhattacharya has significant experience in macro and sector-specific political risk assessments, public policy advisory, stakeholder mapping and engagement. She also advises clients on critical political, and regulatory risks that may affect their operations and exposure to regulatory enforcement in Asia. She is a spokesperson for Control Risks in the Asia Pacific, speaking regularly at events and in the media and frequently writing on ESG, business and broader political-economic trends in APAC. She has advanced degrees in politics, media and business law.

Solutions Focused Leadership for professional and personal development SACC/YP webinar with Leader Development Expert Jan Marklund 13 Aug 6.30pm

Interested in leadership for personal and professional development? Curious about what it means to be a Solution Focused leader and how you can use the approach to gain momentum in your career or business?

Launching our Professional Event Series, Young Professionals of Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce proudly presents; Solutions Focused Leadership – An exclusive, interactive webinar with Jan Marklund; leader development coach, author, public speaker and entrepreneur.

Thursday 13th of August 6.30pm AEST
SACC/YP members: FREE
Non-members: $15
Exclusively offered SACC YP event. Register and secure your spot now. Once registered, an email will be sent with instructions on how to get connected from wherever you are.


Solutions Focus

 Solutions Focus is a scientifically proven leadership method that allows you to identify and take advantage of the existing – often unknown – potential within yourself, your team or organisation.

It provides methods for constructive conflict resolution, better performance, improved staff retention and promotes overall health and happiness within and between people. With this unique, interactive webinar you get insight into how it works.

Jan Marklund will teach you how to solve problems and conflicts without talking about them and how to improve yourself without analysing your weaknesses. (We promise it’s not as crazy as it sounds. In fact, it’s an extremely effective and common practice among successful world leaders).

You will learn

  • The difference between Solutions Focus and problem focus
  • The approach and methodology
  • The power of questions vs answers
  • The importance of constructive reflection
  • How to use the power of words and language for effective communication and shifting mindsets
  • How to deal with complainers, perform constructive conflict resolution and how to give solution-focused feedback (or feedforward).
  • How to use your strengths to your advantage


  • Opportunity to interact and practice what you learn
  • Practical tools you can apply to your own challenges
  • To hear practical examples and experiences from a highly experienced leadership development coach and expert, member of international Solutions Focus association.

Testimonials from managers that have attended Marklund’s seminars, workshops or programs:

“I have discovered leadership skills within myself I didn’t know I had.”

“I use my time more effectively and more targeted, i.e. I prioritise better, delegate better and get more time for strategic work.”


About the speaker, Jan Marklund

Working with managers, executive teams, athletes and politicians, Jan Marklund has extensive expertise around best practice and the common challenges modern leaders face on a daily basis.

Introduced to SFiO* in 1990, Marklund’s diverse and fascinating leadership- and consulting experience spans across management in both the private and government sectors. Including, but not limited to, working as an intelligence officer for UN, founding and running an industry magazine, consulting small and large organisations including the Swedish Fire Brigade and corporations like SKF, in strategic and practical strategy, running a school, professionally training athletes and coaching a regional handball club on refugee integration.

To help leaders build strong teams and successful organisations, Marklund founded GongGång Ledarutveckling i Sverige AB, offering leader development programs, individual coaching and a range of interactive workshops, all based on the solutions-focused and salutogenic approach. For over 15 years, he and his team have assisted managers and executive teams in identifying and applying their existing strengths, shifting mindsets and approaches through constructive reflection and a range of practical tools for the big and small challenges that occur in the every-day-life of managers and executive teams.

Jan Marklund is the co-author of the practical handbook “From stagnation to success – Solution Focused tools for newly appointed managers” [Swedish title: Från tomgång till framgång – lösningsfokuserade verktyg för nyanställda chefer] published 2016. He is currently conducting research for his second book, which investigates the typical characteristics of Swedish leadership and the impact on the world.


* Solutions Focus in Organizations, an international network of solution-focused practitioners which promotes, supports and develops research and applications of Solution Focus in Organisations.