Update from the Swedish School in Sydney – International School Conference 5-7 May in Sydney

Swedish School Conference in Sydney 2023

The Swedish School in Sydney is pleased to announce that the program for the International School Conference, taking place on May 5th-7th, 2023, has been finalized. While the 2017 conference focused on acknowledging the personnel within the Swedish Schools in Oceania, the 2023 conference will offer an inner journey.

The cross-generational framework offered by the 2023 conference is based on the philosophy of Australia’s indigenous people. The concept is based on relating common material and spiritual values to nature (land and sea) in relation to others (family, communities, and nations) to give you a clear roadmap and grounding in existence to enable growth.

The program features both fantastic speakers and content. You will find out what is required to maintain a language abroad. Studying Swedish at a school unit is important, but there are also other critical components. Professor Emeritus Joseph Lo Bianco, commissioned by UNICEF and the EU, will present these components using examples from around the world.

From an international perspective, national attention is focused on the grammatical and lexicographic work that the Swedish Academy does for the Swedish language. Products and projects for different levels and user groups will be presented that can be used directly in your language education by Chair Number 2 and Member of the Swedish Academy, Bo Ralph.

The Swedish language is developing and changing. The change is expressed in both vocabularies but also in attitudes and values. Professor Emeritus in Nordic Languages Anna Hannesdóttir will present these changes.

From theory, concrete tips will be given by Dr Janica Nordström on how to engage students in the classroom. Janica has previously worked as an HSC teacher for the Swedish School in Sydney and knows what the supplementary classroom reality looks like.

The program will also feature interactive workshops. The workshops are aimed at different target groups so that everyone, regardless of their role in the school, can get the most out of the conference. 

We encourage all participants to bring comfortable clothes for sunrise yoga, read the newsletters, and consider which workshops they want to attend to get a clear roadmap and grounding for themselves and your organization before the conference.

We wish all the participants welcome.

Pernilla Thakur Lundqvist, Swedish School in Sydney
Annika Ryan, Swedish School in Newcastle
Anette Ryan, Swedish School in Melbourne
Sandra Lien, Swedish School in Perth

The conference is organised in close collaboration with Swedish schools in Melbourne, Perth, and Newcastle.

The conference is the result of many people’s work. Without the support of the Swedish National Agency for Education, Svensk Utlandsundervisning Förening and Sverigekontakt, neither teaching nor this conference would be possible. But also the Embassy of Sweden in Canberra, the Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce, and Swedish Council of NSW with Svenska klubben, Nordlingarna. Even Sigtuna Humanistiska Läroverk, Yoga Yama, and Yum Yum Swedish Candy have contributed.

Many thanks to all who have contributed to this fantastic program.

For further information, please refer to the latest newsletter or contact Pernilla Thakur Lundqvist at principal@swedishschoolinsydney.org.au.