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Obtaining Accredited Sponsorship Status with the Department of Home Affairs

In this article, Rita Chowdhury, Principal of boutique immigration law firm Integrate Legal explains the steps your business can take to cut down on visa application paperwork and get work visas for employees approved in record time.

What is Accredited Sponsorship?

  • Accredited Sponsorship status is granted to Australian employers that have a significant, regular and ongoing need to sponsor and nominate overseas workers under the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa (subclass 482).
  • This is designed to ensure that low-risk sponsors can access priority allocation and streamlined processing for all nomination and visa applications.

What are the benefits?

Automatic Priority Processing of visa applications

All TSS visa and nomination applications lodged by Accredited Sponsors are given priority processing.

Standard Business Sponsor applications take over 4 weeks to process. By comparison, Accredited Sponsor applications are processed in 1-5 days.

Streamlined Processing (auto-grant) of nomination applications

Streamline Processing is available for certain nomination applications lodged by Accredited Sponsors. This means the Department of Home Affairs automatically approves the nomination application immediately after lodgement.

Less Application Paperwork

Visa applicants are not required to obtain overseas police clearance certificates if their Accredited Sponsor is willing to provide a character reference letter. 

Accredited Sponsors are permitted to post advertisements on their business websites.

Can I Get Accredited?

  • Firstly, you must be a Standard Business Sponsor. You can apply for a Standard Business Sponsor and accreditation simultaneously. If you already are a Standard Business Sponsor, you can apply for accredited status when you renew your existing sponsorship.
  • Secondly, you must fall within one of the following categories
Category Description
Australian Trusted Traders You are a current Australian Trusted Trader, with an Australian workforce made up of a least of 75% Australian workers  
Low volume usage and high percentage of Australian workers (at least 85%) In addition to having a high percentage of Australian workers, you should have a 97% approval rate for nomination applications in the last year, and have been a standard business sponsor for at least one year
High volume usage and medium percentage of Australian workers (at least 75%) In addition to having a medium percentage of Australian workers, you should have a 97% approval rate for nomination applications in the last two years, and have been a standard business sponsor for at least two years

Help with applying?

We have successfully obtained accredited sponsorship for many of our clients.  If you are interested in discussing whether you are eligible or in proceeding with an application don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team at

About Integrate Legal

Integrate Legal is a boutique immigration law firm with expertise in business and employment related visa applications.  Integrate Legal is led by Rita Chowdhury, an award-winning immigration law specialist with over 18 years’ experience.  For more information on our firm go to:

Viking vibes at the launch of The Norse Collection

To celebrate the launch of The Norse Collection by Anna-Carin for Designer Rugs – guests were invited to experience a night of Nordic wonder at Woodcut Sydney. Guests enjoyed Nordic drumming, rune castings and sumptuous hospitality including Swedish berry infused Autograph Gin shots. “Our modern lives may have changed but our fundamental human needs have not. There’s a moment when you roll out a rug, your house starts to look like a home and you feel grounded. These rugs are inspired by adventurous people from around the world but are meant to feel like home. A solid ground to stand on… or lie on.” Anna-Carin McNamara

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Video recording from Sustainability breakfast seminar 2018


Entries for the Swedish Business in Australia Awards 2016 are now open!


The SACC has over a number of years been highlighting and awarding successful Swedish business achievements in Australia. For the 2016 Swedish Business in Australia Awards we decided to introduce new awards categories with the purpose to open up the awards to a wider group of companies. We also added a new category for individuals, Young Business Executive/Young Entrepreneur.

The 2016 awards categories are as follows:

1. Excellence in Business Enterprise

Open to all Swedish or Swedish-Australian business activities: large or small, newcomer or established. Here we are looking to highlight a big event, significant project, implementing progressive sustainability strategy, innovative campaign or product, marketing/branding or a new enterprise launch.

2. Excellence in Innovation

Recognises businesses that have made significant contributions to their industry through the introduction or improvement of an idea, method, technology, process or application, recently and/or long-term.

3. Excellence in Small Business

The Excellence in Small Business award recognises a business (employing 1-20 employees) that has attained significant growth and is able to demonstrate the specific strategies and processes implemented to achieve sustainable growth in the previous 24 months.

4. Young Business Executive/Young Entrepreneur

This award recognises young business professionals (under 35 years) who demonstrate outstanding business spirit and strategic direction whilst providing inspiration to a new generation of upcoming young business people. Young business executives/entrepreneurs who has built a successful career within an organisation and/or operates a successful business.

The Finalists and Winners of this year’s Awards will be presented at the Chamber’s Annual Christmas Dinner 1 December 2016 in front of business leaders, colleagues and friends of Swedish Australian business. The winners will further be presented in the SWEDELINK Newsletter and on the SACC website.

The Awards are run on a non-profit basis and provide recognition generally for Swedish related business activities in Australia and also for organisations/individuals that have helped to grow a positive profile for Swedish business in Australia.

Entry is open to any company/enterprise/young business executive or entrepreneur in Australia, the individual/business of which has a strong relationship to Sweden. Finalists and Award Winners will be expected to be financial members of the SACC prior to the Award presentation 1rd of December.

Download invitation and nomination details

Swedish Business Awards 2016


Chamber News

Welcome to a new year with SACC!

We are looking forward to a great year with quality Events and Networking opportunities for our members and guests. The Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce has a strong board with additional members since our last AGM and we are very happy to announce that Roger Letherbarrow, a Director of the SACC for 15 years, has been appointed the President of the SACC from January 2016, replacing Teresia Fors who has been President for the past 4 years. Ajit Singh a Director of the SACC for 4 years has been appointed Vice President. Teresia Fors, have been a great asset for the Chamber and will still remain on the SACC Board as a Director. Please visit where all our new board members for 2016 are introduced.

SACC Events committee are now planning the 2016 events calendar. Our aim is to hold monthly events in both Sydney and Melbourne there will be Networking Drinks and Special Topic Events with plenty of opportunities for member sponsorship and cooperation. We encourage members to bring forward any event ideas or topics you would like the Chamber to focus on. Visit our events page for upcoming events and remember to visit and Facebook for news and event updates!

Svenskar i Världen

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