SACC Member – Randek is working with one of Australia’s leading prefabricated modular builders

1st robotic production line for house wall panels by Randek

Melbourne-based modular builder commits to the future of offsite construction with advanced robotic manufacturing equipment.

One of Australia’s leading and most progressive prefabricated modular builders, Modscape, have unveiled their plans for their new division, Modbotics, a fully automated robotic production line for building elements.

“Modscape has been working with leading Swedish based manufacturing Robotic company, Randek, since February 2019 on developing an advanced suite of robotic lines – purpose-made for the manufacture and completion of wall panels,” explained Jan Gyrn, Modscape CEO.

“The robots will manufacture open and closed walls, passive house walls, floor and roof cassettes – with tolerances to a fraction of a degree and millimetre.”

Modscape is investing in Randek’s 3rd generation ‘ZeroLabor 3.0’ system, and it has been designed to be scalable and flexible to accommodate changing requirements.

Randek’s ZeroLabor 3.0 due for installation at Modscape.

Working alongside Modscape employees, the Modbotics robotic production line, according to company sources, “will transform modular and prefabricated construction – enhancing the time, cost, quality and safety aspects of every project delivered.”

At the core of the new robotic manufacturing line are modern methods of construction (MMC), and according to industry research, the new line will be 50% faster to manufacture prefabricated elements, improve sustainability credentials, and produce 70% less landfill than conventional construction.

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Watch Randek’s ZeroLabor system in action