Business Sweden – Sweden-Australia Sustainable Mining Summit 15 February 2023

In conjunction with the official visit to Australia, Business Sweden and the Embassy of Sweden hosted the Sweden-Australia Sustainable Mining Summit on February 15th. The summit provided a platform for discussing the sustainable future of the mining industry and its importance for the green transition. The focus of the summit was the Swedish offering within the industry and opportunities for collaboration between Australia and Sweden. Numerous Swedish and Australian companies attended the summit, including Ericsson, Volvo, Scania, ABB, SAAB, Alfa Laval, Sandvik, Epiroc, Hitachi Energy, Treotham, Thingwave and Minalyze.

We also had the great pleasure to welcome Sweden’s largest mining company, LKAB, to Australia. With their state-of-the-art mining related projects in northern Sweden, they were able to inspire and explain how they look upon sustainable mining and their initiatives going forward. Furthermore, Team Sweden had a fantastic partnership with NSW Government, European Australian Business Council and Austmine preparing for the event, which was very much appreciated.

The Australian and Swedish mining industries complement each other, with Swedish technology providers being able to support the Australian mining industry to decarbonize their operations. The Sustainable Mining Summit initiated Business Sweden’s focus on collaboration between the Australian and Swedish mining industries, with several upcoming activities planned throughout the year.

Additionally, Business Sweden will continue to support Swedish companies in expanding to Oceania and assist established Swedish companies in the region. One of the key projects that Team Sweden will work on is the New South Wales Renewable Energy Zones initiative, which the Swedish government has identified as a strategic opportunity for Swedish companies. Business Sweden, together with the Embassy of Sweden and the Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce, will collaborate with Swedish companies to analyze how Sweden can play a role in NSW’s ambitious plan to decarbonize their energy sector.