Have your say: take part in ABB’s sustainability survey

Our future depends on more than a shift to renewable energy. With the world using up resources at an unsustainable rate, transitioning to a circular economy is just as important.

So, when it comes to your business’ sustainability journey, are you on track?  Whether it’s through market/investor pressure, government mandates, or trade tariffs you’ll need to set and meet sustainability targets to ensure your business’ long-term success.

To help you find out, please take part in this 6-8 min survey from our member company ABB to see how Australian businesses view this important topic. The results will not only shed light on how your company stacks up in the sustainability race but also where you can make the right investments to future-proof your business.

Start the survey here: https://s.pointerpro.com/abb_sustainability/?cf2=SACC&cf3=Australia