Swedish garden designers win award for ’New Nordic Notes’ sustainable garden design in Melbourne March 2024

Swedish garden designers win award for ’New Nordic Notes’ sustainable garden design at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show in March 2024

’New Nordic Notes’ show garden, created by design duo Annika Zetterman and Kajsa Björne, was awarded Silver Gilt at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2024, which attracts over 100,000 visitors every year. “The garden is a place for reflection, deeply rooted in the culture and nature of the Nordics, with details that keep surprising, which makes it a winner.”

The ’New Nordic Notes’ garden was highlighted on various YouTube and podcast channels and broadcasted on Better Homes and Gardens (Channel 7), Garden Gurus (Channel 9) and Gardening Australia.

”- New Nordic Notes show garden is a celebration and inspiration of the Nordics. The garden was created to encourage generations to look at their past with pride and respect. A place which motivates you to storytelling and create meaningful design expressions, to stay curious about materials and to appreciate nature, despite living in Australia or the Nordic countries.”

There is a particular word in Swedish, “smultronställe”, which translates to a place in the wild where an abundance of wild strawberries grows. Smultronställe is referred to as a beautiful place you can escape to from everyday life, a place which gives you sentimental and personal value.

“- We decided at an early stage to create a garden as a place free from stress, a place to relax and reflect, not to be dictated where to stand or sit. As an anecdote to ‘smultronställe’ we added strawberries in the planting beds, a variety with red flowers, much appreciated by visitors.”

After the show, memories and photos are what remains of the garden. All materials have been reused and all plants have been returned to suppliers, with sustainability in mind.

More info, Instagram @newnordicnotes

Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show: https://melbflowershow.com.au/


Designer Profiles

Kajsa Björne

Kajsa holds a Master of Science in Landscape Architecture, with international experience, having worked and studied in Sweden, England, Japan and Australia. Kajsa was the lead designer for the award-winning Ian Potters Children’s Wild Play Garden in Centennial Park, in Sydney. She resides in Central Coast, NSW.

 Annika Zetterman

 Annika is a leading garden designer in Sweden, where she runs her design practice in Stockholm with projects in the Nordics and beyond. She is the author of the bestselling book ‘New Nordic Gardens’ and lectures on the subject both in Sweden and abroad.




Photography by Allie Aszodi