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Berkeley Communications is a strategic communications and B2B storytelling agency that specializes in delivering strategic and creative PR programmes for innovative B2B brands; with particular focus on Technology, Innovation or purpose-led organisations.

We are a growing team of senior consultants and offer the whole range of communications strategy and activation services, including PR, social, content, sponsorship leverage, brand strategy and more.

As leaders in business and brand storytelling, we offer general and tailored, industry leading workshops that educate individuals and brands in how to master corporate narrative development. For us, corporate storytelling sits at the core of any communications program and we believe it should be embedded in the corporate DNA of every B2B brand. This is why have developed our own Storytelling Academy.

Our Swedish Managing Director Povel Torudd has spent +20 years working for some of the world’s leading brands in B2B and B2B2C technology, including 10 years for a global cybersecurity brand where he specialised in cyber incident communications and executive media training as well as ESG, sponsorship and global brand communications.

Our local operations started in February 2023, and we currently offer our services in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. We are part of the Berkeley Communications Network (HQ in London) which is over 20 years old and has a global footprint with branch offices in Germany, USA and now also Australia as well as with a franchisee network (+20 agencies in total) that license Berkeley’s unique Storytelling Academy training and agency IP. This allows us scale-up campaigns globally for our Australian clients when required.

The Australian market plays an important role for any ambitious multinational brand, not only for the Australian audiences but also as a gateway for strategic communications into the wider APAC region. We have seen strong interest in our Storytelling Academy workshops since we launched and commonly receive feedback that there is an opportunity for storytelling to mature in Australia. Our plan is to play a central role in this PR movement and share the tools and processes we have developed as an agency to decode and re-code corporate messaging into something more human, emotional and with more potential to help build brand affinity and audience engagement.


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Contact details:

Berkeley Communications Managing Director, Povel Torudd, is our SACC contact. Originally from Lund in Sweden, he’s called Australia home since 2002. We are still building the team here since our Australian launch about 6 months ago, and it currently consists of experienced senior consultants. Our approach is to be able to scale up fast as our client portfolio grows and has the added benefit of being able to tap into the Global Berkeley Communications network for additional staff resources or vertical expertise when needed.