Howwe Technologies is an international SaaS company, with its headquarters in Stockholm. Its enterprise execution software Howwe is a proactive enterprise execution software that helps organisations to execute better and faster on their strategies by visualising, steering, and measuring the business and strategy acceleration in real-time and accurately throughout the entire organisation. By providing the tools and ability to be business agile, Howwe helps its customers to increase revenues and profits.

Howwe is a new kind of business innovation – Enterprise Execution Software. It’s a shared platform that’s making the business plans clear and actionable for all levels of the organisation, unleashing companies’ full potential for growth. The result: Financial targets consistently hit or exceeded year after year.

What is the rationale for Howwe?

It’s hard to believe but 8 out of 10 CEOs fail to fully realise their financial goals and strategic initiatives! Why? Because they’re too ingrained in old practices and have grown accustomed to those ways – can you imagine how much money goes down the drain just from bad strategy execution across the globe? If more company boards knew the extent of the financial losses that arose from not adopting new strategy execution practices and technologies, there isn’t a CEO on the globe who would be allowed to continue without a digital toolset to ensure on-time execution.

This takes us to the core of the problem – most CEOs simply aren’t aware of the technological opportunities available to them. Can you believe that the persons with the overarching responsibility to ensure that goals are met, are still using Excel spreadsheets or other analogue tools to steer their companies? And meanwhile all other functions in a company have already moved on to radical digitisation decades ago. Look at Sales Managers for example. Do you think they would have the same possibility to succeed without the use of a CRM? And at the same time, we know that the main responsibility of the CEO, that is to execute strategy, is probably harder today than ever before, complicated by speed of change expected by shareholders, hybrid working, complex global supply chains and a dynamic macro-economic environment.

As the world rapidly changes, we cannot afford to lose sight of what is important. If you are not prepared for disruptions, and are not equipped to truly achieve measurable results, you risk being left behind by your competition.

I bet you want to be set up for success and equipped for change so that the next global disruption won’t catch you off guard? How else are you supposed to achieve the increased revenue, profit, and share-holder value that’s expected of you? How else are you supposed to thrive as your game plan is forced to change due to external disruptions? How else are you going to quickly align the entire workforce and get them to pro-actively contribute to make sure you are on track, instead of realising you failed when it’s already too late to act?

To sum it up, 8 out of 10 CEOs fail to fully execute their strategic initiatives. Don’t be one of them. Execution at all levels must start the day the strategy is set. It must be measurable and integrated into the weekly routine on all levels of the company to get the focus and speed that’s required, and it must be connected to both the top and bottom lines of your company. And you know what? It starts with the CEO. There’s no more time to waste. The Enterprise Execution Software platform Howwe is here for you every step of the way to make sure you stay ahead of the game.

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Stephen Bowhill, Managing Director Australia & New Zealand