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Learn the basics of AI and how you could use it to your advantage in career and business

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AI for Managers and Executives: a 6-week online course starting 26th of April

AI Center has just released a 6-week online course; AI for Managers and Executives, helping business leaders better understand the possibilities around AI technology and how it can be applied across organisations. It offers a digitally verifiable and globally recognisable AI Center certification on completion and starts 26th of April.

All of our SACC- and YP members can find more info and sign up here

AI for Managers and Executives

Webinar Summary

On 18 March SACC YP organised an online workshop based on AI Center’s internationally popular 6-week course AI4nonAIs. This unique and SACC-exclusive, interactive online workshop was led by Reza Moussavi, Director-General of AI Center, Sweden, the first part of the session covered the following subjects:

  • What is AI
  • History and origin of AI
  • Contemporary rise of AI
  • AI vs Human
  • AI vs Jobs
  • Human-Centered AI

In the second part, a small assignment was given which gave participants an opportunity to try out they learnt.

Takeaways were:

  • Understanding what is, and what is NOT AI, and why that matters
  • How AI is helping and not hurting the industries and people
  • Finding out how, and where, to learn more


Reza Moussavi

Reza is an intelligence analyst and tech innovator who has been selected as the top 10 innovators of Europe at Innovact Award in 2011, France. He is a software engineer and Director-general of the AI Center in Sweden. He is a member of the European AI Alliance, and also an elected director of the Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (FSCONS). Reza has been a business mentor for tech startups at Founder Institute, as well as an industrial mentor, thesis supervisor, and teacher assistant at the University of Gothenburg.

About AI Center

AI Center is a global certification body and network, based in Sweden. Their objective has three pillars: equality, safety, and security in the AI industry. They provide companies with guidelines, certified training programs, and certifications regarding equality, safety, and security in the AI industry. Working with experts from different organizations assures that AI Center’s standards are aligned with credible organizations such as the UN and EU.