NEW SMALL BUSINESS MEMBER – Absolute Immigration

Absolute Immigration is thrilled to come on board as a Small Business Member with the Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce. Founder of Absolute Immigration and Global Immigration Leader, Jamie Lingham, believes in the value of international cultures coming together to provide diversity within communities and businesses. He, and the whole team at Absolute Immigration, have extensive experience in preparing and supporting clients to find the best employees from around the world and also helping with their transactional and compliance needs.

We have worked with some of Australia’s leading companies with large expatriate populations and provided timely and practical advice to the business and their expatriate employees. As part of our service, we provide ongoing updates on immigration legislation and policy changes which impact their business, ensuring that we add ongoing value to our working relationship.

Our team are experienced in undertaking projects for organisations with expatriate employees. We have performed a number of projects for large scale employers in Australia with regard to risk assessments, policy review and process and program implementation.

Absolute Immigration work collaboratively with our clients to devise strategies to achieve the best outcomes for your business and your employees. Our agents develop strategies that ensure the attraction and retention of key international appointments and build policies around your global mobility program.


We have come to save humans from digital experiences that suck.

We’re the biggest experimentation team in Scandinavia. We help our clients use actual data and insights instead of guesses. Armed with scientific methods, we reveal our customers’ growth potential and help them reach their business goals.

Since the start, we’ve improved conversion in over 1000 projects – and that’s something that we’re going to keep doing.  We currently have over 60 conversion heroes in three offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo.

NEW SMALL BUSINESS MEMBER – Rossel Consulting Group

Rossel Consulting Group was founded in 2018 offering both corporate finance advisory services, under the name of Spawn Ventures, as well as real estate services.  
Spawn Ventures provides corporate clients in the gaming and esports industries with advice on mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, divestments and strategy. Spawn Ventures further offers senior board level advise, also primarily to the gaming and esports industries​.
The real estate advisory business is a property buyers agency offering seamless advice to investors or home owners looking for a successful and stress free property purchase in the Sydney region. We assist throughout the whole purchase process and have access to off market properties that enable our clients to get ahead of the competition and negotiate to secure properties for the best price.