Beeautify yourself and the world. Make yourself feel well, support a better world, make better choices buying ethical and natural beauty products. Our formulations are made with your skin in mind. Our cleanser, face wash and moisturiser are handcrafted to perfection, using only the premium best of local botanicals and honey from free-range bees. Our products are unique because we use local honey in our skincare products. In WA we have premium honey varieties exclusive to our state like jarrah and marri which scores high in ‘activity’ of antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

“Beeautify Yourself and the World” is a privately owned company with the ambition and mission to source traceable ingredients from ethical suppliers, develop formulas, manufacture products, market and sell honey and botanical-based skincare from Western Australia to the conscious consumers.

The idea is to produce natural and handcrafted skincare products from unique formulations for:

  • Face: honey cleansers, moisturisers, masks
  • Body: body wash, hand soap, soap bars, lotions
  • Hair: shampoo, conditioner, repair
  • Men: shaving cream, lotions

Beeautify’s target audience is a subset of an emerging segment of people who care about the impact their habits have on the world. They are not unsuspecting buyers; they are conscious buyers.

Beeautify – Our Story

Beeautify was born with the desire to transform the skincare industry with natural and ethical ingredients scientifically proven and historically used to rejuvenate and repair the skin, whilst supporting the environment and our planet.

The brand is a self-funded and private-owned, with ingredients and packaging only used from sources holding the same ethical and environmental standard as Beeautify.

Co-founder, Daniela Boksjo and her husband and Swedish-born Figge Boksjo, Chairman of Swedish Chamber of Commerce in WA, founded Beeautify in Western Australia as a result of Daniela’s request for a natural skin product specifically treating sun-damaged and blemish prone skin. Daniela grew up in Brazil, having spent her childhood surfing and being exposed to the sun. Daniela’s passion for health and wellbeing is seen throughout the range of skincare products; with a Bachelor in Food Science, and as a former fitness trainer and Tai Chi instructor, she understands the power of using natural products to help repair and restore the skin whilst proactively working towards a better environment.

The couple decided to make a conscious lifestyle change in 2017, and moved from Sydney’s Northern Beaches to Yanchep, 65 km north of Perth. As part of Daniela’s interest for health and the environment, she became a beekeeper. She got involved with the Cooperative Research Centre for Honeybee Products (CRCHBP) in Yanchep, where she learned about the powerful and extraordinary benefits of honey for the skin. Daniela started her quest for creating the ultimate skin product to target her needs. With a series of trials, collaborations, and consultations with leading botanical skincare experts her first product was born – the Gentle Honey Cleanser using Kakadu plum and Jarrah honey.

With well-received product trials, the brand was ready to be launched, with investments and new team members in 2019. Since then, the team has grown rapidly, with several new products ready to be launched; honey face cleanser, moisturisers, masks, lotions, body wash, hand soap and bars.

If you would like further information about Beeautify’s products or would like to stay updated to hear about their new range, please visit