THE CHOIR by ABBA The Museum from Sweden is returning to Australia in June 2024!


Experience the magic of ABBA with THE CHOIR by ABBA The Museum, returning to Australia fresh from Stockholm!

Celebrate with us as they unveil a new EP, featuring tracks like for example the iconic “Waterloo” together with the classically influenced “Intermezzo No.1”, recorded in the same legendary studio as ABBA’s recent album.

Born from the heart of ABBA’s legacy in 2014, this unique pop choir brings to life the band’s timeless classics with a modern twist. Selected through rigorous auditions and crafted under the guidance of ABBA’s insiders, their performances resonate with the spirit of the original masters. Having dazzled audiences from Sweden to China, the UK, and made a debut in Australia in 2023, THE CHOIR is set to captivate Melbourne and beyond with their distinct sound and spectacular shows.

Join us for an unforgettable journey of music and memories at the Better Together 2024 conference (June 14-16), Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theater (June 19-22), and ABBA Day Downunder in Williamstown. Secure your tickets now and be part of the celebration that bridges generations through the power of ABBA’s hits, all performed by this extraordinary choir.


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