FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 – Join us for a Sweden Support Performance in Darling Harbour 2 August!

Women’s World Cup (FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™) – The world’s largest female sports event has kicked off in New Zealand! 

Swedes in Sydney are gathering for a supportive Sing-Along performance in Darling Harbour on 2 August!

The Swedish School in Sydney together with the Swedish Community in Sydney is in search of shower chanters, nightingales, Eurovision fans, Abba-enthusiasts and/or soccer fans to participate.

The Swedish Consulate received a request to participate in the FIFA Fan Festival™ in Sydney and has reached out to the Swedish School in Sydney for help in organising an event. Of course, the Swedish School in Sydney, with the support of the Swedish community in Sydney and the Swedish schools in Australia, wants to support the world’s largest female sports event!

We have been asked to perform (10 minutes) with something cultural, and our plan is to organise a ‘Sing-along in Darling Harbour’. The Vikings were reported howling while singing, one could easily say that this is in our genes. Therefore, the school and all Swedish associations in Sydney are now searching far and wide for all shower chanters, nightingales, Eurovision fans and Abba-enthusiast to participate in the ‘Sing-along in Darling Harbour’.  Practice “Dancing Queen” by ABBA to perfection. However, at the FIFA Fan Festival™, there will be big screens displaying the song lyrics, similar to a typical sing-along session at Skansen.

How much we will perform, is unclear. It depends a lot on how the Swedish team performs and how they progress. We have been asked to come and perform on August 2nd at 5:55 pm (assembly before 5 pm, when the game starts). If we behave ourselves and the Swedish national team performs well, we might be invited on August 6th and 20th, mark those dates in your calendar as well.

Please note: The Swedish School in Sydney has NOT been allocated any match tickets and participating parents are responsible for their child/children during the event.

When: 2 August at 5.55 pm (assembly at 5.00 pm before the game starts)

Where: Darling Harbour, more details to be advised

Register here!

Attire: Blue and Yellow and/or Eurovision Song Contest (Mello)

Thank you for supporting Sweden in the world’s largest female sports event!

The Swedish School in Sydney

Find out more about the world cup in Au and NZ here: Women’s World Cup (FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™)