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Swedes Worldwide – Svenskar i Världen (SVIV) is an independent, non-profit organisation founded in 1938. We hold the unique role as the representative of approx. 700 000 Swedes who study, work or for other reasons live abroad. 

SVIV serves as the Swedes living abroad’s voice in Sweden. They monitor their interests and issues, such as citizenship, passport, taxation, voting, and pensions and conduct advocacy and lobbying through contacts with parliamentary parties, authorities, organisations, media, and other influencers.  

SVIV also acts as a consultative body on matters concerning Swedes living abroad and they have the responsibility to ensure that their needs and rights are safeguarded in various referrals.  

Additionally, SVIV gives advice and support to members and partners. They do that in collaboration with worldwide representatives, and experienced experts within the fields of interests of our members and partners. 

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