Planet Ark reporting from Stockholm – Insights from the World Circular Economy Forum 2023 – Online Event 7 June 2023

Summary and recording


The SACC Sustainability Committee was excited to present this online event with a live report from Stockholm by Dr Nicole Garofano, Head of Circular Economy Development at Planet Ark Environmental Foundation. Dr Garofano shared nsights from the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) and circular economy solution news from the Nordics. 

Key learnings presented by Dr Garofano

See Nicole’s full presentation here


Watch the video recording of the online event here


About the Speaker


Dr. Nicole T Garofano

Head of Circular Economy Development for Planet Ark Environmental Foundation

Dr Nicole Garofano is the Head of Circular Economy Development for Planet Ark. In her role, Nicole is leading the ongoing strategic development of the Australian Circular Economy (ACE) Hub. For more than 15 years, Nicole has worked in environmental education and action with a focus on waste management and more recently, circular economy. She has designed and managed community-based initiatives to increase sorting, collection and processing of a range of packaging materials, including plastic. Nicole has a PhD from research focused on the plastic food and beverage packaging value chain, identifying both local and global innovation to improve chain activities and outcomes. She is an Associate of the Australian Institute of Packaging. LinkedIn: Dr Nicole T Garofano

Planet Ark Environmental Foundation is an Australian non-profit environmental organisation founded in 1992. Planet Ark partners with organisations in the public and private sectors to help find ways to reduce the impact on the planet. Planet Ark’s Australian Circular Economy Hub is the national platform for circular economy knowledge and collaboration to facilitate the transition to a circular economy in Australia.


This event was organised by the SACC Sustainability Committee