Axelent is a complete supplier of safety for production, warehouses, and properties. Our mission is that all employees should have a safe working environment. Today, we are one of the largest suppliers of safety solutions for the industry and our head office is located in Hillerstorp, Sweden, where all our products are developed and manufactured.  The Axelent AB Group consists of 10 wholly owned subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA, but we also distribute our products through about 30 agents around the world.

Over three decades, Axelent has grown to become one of the world’s leading companies in safety solutions. A six-person team in the small town of Hillerstorp in Sweden has now grown to 350 strong teams with sales spread across the globe. The Axelent spirit, with its focus on dedication, business sense, high ethical standards and empathy, is a common thread that permeates all of our local offices. All product development, production, warehousing and packaging takes place in Hillerstorp, Sweden. We have always taken great pride in developing innovative products; user-friendly and easy to assemble. Most of our production is automated in order to cope with high volumes and fast delivery times.