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Wallenius Wilhelmsen – Sustainable logistics for a world in motion

WW vessel, the Swedish Flagged M/V FIDELIO alongside at WW’s MIRRAT Terminal in Melbourne


Wallenius Wilhelmsen is the global leader in integrated vehicle transportation and logistics, supporting our customers across their supply chain, all the way from the factory to the end-consumer. Our ambition is to lead the way in transforming shipping and logistics. With 9,500+ employees and 81 nationalities working in 28 different countries, we aim to consistently be the customers’ preferred integrated logistics partner. Together, we are building resilient, connected, data-driven, decarbonized solutions fit for the future.

Benefiting from over 160 years of heritage and history (with more than 125 years of history in Australia), Wallenius Wilhelmsen includes several brands, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions, EUKOR, ARC, Armacup and Keen, and today has operations in three key segments: Shipping services, Logistics services and Government services. Our head office is located in Oslo, Norway. The company was initially created in 1999 as a result of the merger between Sweden’s Wallenius Lines and Norway’s Wilhelmsen Lines which created Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics. In 2017 this became WalleniusWilhelmsen ASA and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. We provide a comprehensive land-based logistics network through eight terminals, 11 inland distribution networks and more than 66 service and processing centres located around the world. In addition, we work in-house at many manufacturers’ plants preparing vehicles for the end consumers. At sea, we have more than 125 vessels on 15 trade routes, serving six continents. The RoRo vessels in our fleet typically have a higher-than-average number of hoistable decks and a stronger ramp capacity than our rivals. This provides enhanced flexibility allowing us to carry multiplex cargo answering the needs of a variety of customers. By fleet size, we are the world’s largest operator of pure car and truck carriers (PCTCs).2023 was a very strong year for Wallenius Wilhelmsen. Capacity constraints in the car carrier markets have led to solid earnings for the shipping services segment and we have consistently renewed multi-year contracts at rates reflecting the current market. Contract renewals have focused on integrating offerings across ocean and land-based services, combined with decarbonization initiatives such as the use of biofuel. Furthermore, we have seen very solid growth and margin improvements in the logistics and government segments.

The Oceania inbound Trade is one of the key global trade lanes for WW. Historically this trade has relied on imports from the Americas and Europe, however as sourcing points continue to shift, North Asia, driven by the increase in exports from China, is fast emerging as a key sourcing region for our region. Here we see a growing number of European and American Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) shift their production to China, and most importantly we see China’s rise to now be the largest exporter of electric vehicles worldwide.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen is well positioned to satisfy the growing demand in this trade, offering integrated logistics solutions in both China and Australia, and shipping services through its group company ARMACUP.

Through our land-based and shipping services activities, Wallenius Wilhelmsen provides services to several major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) from Sweden, ranging from automobile manufacturers to mining and construction plant equipment manufacturers.  

WW’s Equipment Processing Centre located in Laverton, Victoria. One of 5 EPC’s around the country.


Contact details:

Matthew Jackson, Senior Manager, Mining, Construction and Break Bulk Oceania, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean