As part of the ongoing efforts of the SACC YP Melbourne Chapter to build an active and engaged membership base, a series of events has been planned that address the ongoing professional development needs of members. In this day and age, where the workplace is changing at such a rapid pace, lifelong learning and ongoing professional development becomes increasingly important. SACC YP Melbourne has therefore launched a series of networking events tailored towards providing opportunities for ongoing professional development opportunities with a focus on creating networking opportunities for members. To build credibility with members and potential members, the SACC YP Melbourne has been collaborating with several highly regarded training service providers, as well as several other European Chambers of Commerce.

With this as the overall goal in mind, the first Find Your Voice event was held at Denmark House in the Melbourne CBD 4 September. One of the challenges  to tackle in one’s  professional life is how to be confident, powerful and to be heard. Whether it’s for a job interview, a public speaking engagement or a boardroom meeting, there are tools and techniques that can be  deveoped  to perform at your peak, every time.

The SACC YP teamed up with the Melbourne founded company Find Your Voice to deliver  a 75 minute interactive talk and discussion which provided participants with insights on how to channel confidence and voice, thinking with clarity, standing out and getting noticed but also how to cultivate  authenticity with one’s audience

In a very short timeframe, the facilitator, Emily Tucker, a professional singer and performer with vast international experience in engaging audiences  succeeded in forming a remarkable group dynamic that embraced trust and openness. In this compact setting, collaborative and interactive tasks between participants were  exercised, where participants also  openly shared their personal experiences and challenges with public speaking. Emily also  offeredtips and tricks on how participants could  evolve and expand their  own skillsets. At the conclusion of the evening, the participants  walked away with greater levels of  confidence and self -awareness to further experiment and expand on the new skills that had been acquired.

The participants were drawn from a broad range of Swedish subsidiaries in Australia, including Tetra Pak and ABB. These events are the beginning and something that YP in both Sydney and Melbourne, are looking forward to growing and cultivating on a grander scale in the future.

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