Digital Marketing Online Event by SACC and Amire 23 July 2020

Summary and links from SACC Live Streamed Event hosted by Amire Strategic Digital Marketing with Facebook, HubSpot and IKEA

The focus on this event was – how to navigate and increase market share from a digital marketing perspective. Amire Strategic Digital Marketing studio will provide tangible insights on how businesses can utilise digital marketing successfully and representatives from Facebook, HubSpot and IKEA will provide specific tips on how they are supporting businesses market their brands, products and services.

The event was hosted by Sean Rooney, Director Amire Strategic Digital Marketing and we also had the following representatives presenting:

  • Christian Becker, E-commerce Manager, IKEA Australia
  • David Fernandez, Client Partner Retail, Facebook
  • Kat Warboys, Head of Marketing, Hubspot

Jan Gardberg, President of the Chamber and CEO of IKEA Australia & New Zealand, welcomed all and gave us a brief intro of the SACC and the topic for this webinar.

Sean Rooney, Director Amire Strategic Digital Marketing gave us an insight into useful google tools for analysing data, trends, local SEO and receive customer reviews. He spoke about the importance to connect with your customers through social media. “It is time to be more sensitive and empathetic. We need to look at how we are helping people and the community. We need to look at what our corporate social responsibility is and what our policies are and how we are educating and informing our online community.” Furthermore, Sean explained the importance of attribution modelling which can increase your performance with 20-40%. Here are some useful links recommended by Sean:

Christian Becker, E-commerce Manager, IKEA Australia presented how IKEA successfully increased their online market share. IKEA launched e-commerce in 2018 and the online market share within the home furnishing market is around 15% now. As a result of COVID the online conversion rate has tripled. Christian explained how they have achieved this and it comes back to understanding who your customers are and what are their needs. IKEA also put a lot of focus on SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEM (search engine marketing) and shifted to keyword targeting on none branded search. They updated the website with SEO in focus to make it easier to browse, explore and plan and launched free home furnishing advice via a virtual design service. Another area IKEA focused on was customer promise with instant customer gratification through high and stable stock availability, free contactless click and collect, contactless and consistent delivery offer.

David Fernandez, Client Partner Retail, Facebook spoke about the change in peoples behaviour as a result of COVID and lock-down. People are now the most important things in our lives and the crisis has made us think more about our choices. People demand more precautions, value personal space, appreciate essentials, assist and support local brands, opt for cashless, tap’n go, self-service and contactless encounters. “We are re-evaluating the things we took for granted and really hone in on what is truly essential for us.” David continued to present some tools which Facebook offers such as Stories which gives people the power to creatively communicate and the acceleration of Stories is much faster than Feed within Facebook. It started on Instagram, then Facebook and now LinkedIn is now rolling out a stories capability as well. He also highlighted in-stream video details as a great branding opportunity for businesses to use as a natural extension to their screen strategy for online videos.

Kat Warboys, Head of Marketing, Hubspot began by sharing the HubSpot’s Benchmark Data report about what COVID-19 has taught us about growth in a crisis. Website traffic has increased steadily and peaked in mid June at 25% above benchmark. Customer initiated chat is a service that customers really value and increased in June at 58% above benchmark. There has also been an increase in engagement in marketing email but a decrease in response rate when it comes to sales emails. Kat highlighted the takeaways from these changes (see below) and to pay attention to, How have your buyers changed with regards to behaviour, needs? What challenges have emerged and how can you adapt? Has a new persona emerged that you are able to provide a service or product to?

  • Revisit your buyer persona and consider how your content and product/service may need to adapt.
  • Your website is your new shop front, invest in SEO to ensure potential buyers can find you and invest in chat and chatbots to help your team’s productivity and support customers, especially as their expectations evolve.
  • Focus your sales on quality over quantity to improve outcomes.

Useful links from Kat:

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This event was kindly supported by Amire Strategic Digital Marketing and will be held at their Manly based office and live-streamed.

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