SACC Executive Forum followed by Networking Event with the Ambassador of Sweden to Australia, 7 September Melbourne

On 7 September the Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce welcomed members and guests to the Melbourne Executive Forum followed by a Networking Event with Guest of Honour Ambassador of Sweden to Australia HE Pontus Melander.
At the forum, Dr Shaanan Cohney, Lecturer at the University of Melbourne and a core contributor at the Centre for AI and Digital Ethics, presented on AI and explained key ideas behind AI technologies, opportunities and limitations for industry. During the networking event we heard from Paul O’Hagan, Senior Regional Manager – UK, Europe & Israel at Global Victoria, Sean Stove, Division Manager E-Mobility at ABB Australia who gave us an insight into how ABB technology is supporting the transition towards Net Zero in Australia. Special thanks to our event sponsors ABB and International Chamber House.
Special thanks to our event sponsors ABB and International Chamber House.

What a football month we had in August! The SACC and YP supported 14 events together with the Swedish community across Australia

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, what a success!

Never have we seen so much focus and celebration of women’s football before – CONGRATULATIONS AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND amazing hosts, well done!

Here are images and a video clip from events the SACC supported in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. Huge thank you to all Swedes and Swedish organisation representatives and community members across Australia for fantastic events to cheer for our teams! Amazing to see how the events brought our communities together.



Planet Ark reporting from Stockholm – Insights from the World Circular Economy Forum 2023 – Online Event 7 June 2023

Summary and recording


The SACC Sustainability Committee was excited to present this online event with a live report from Stockholm by Dr Nicole Garofano, Head of Circular Economy Development at Planet Ark Environmental Foundation. Dr Garofano shared nsights from the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) and circular economy solution news from the Nordics. 

Key learnings presented by Dr Garofano

See Nicole’s full presentation here


Watch the video recording of the online event here


About the Speaker


Dr. Nicole T Garofano

Head of Circular Economy Development for Planet Ark Environmental Foundation

Dr Nicole Garofano is the Head of Circular Economy Development for Planet Ark. In her role, Nicole is leading the ongoing strategic development of the Australian Circular Economy (ACE) Hub. For more than 15 years, Nicole has worked in environmental education and action with a focus on waste management and more recently, circular economy. She has designed and managed community-based initiatives to increase sorting, collection and processing of a range of packaging materials, including plastic. Nicole has a PhD from research focused on the plastic food and beverage packaging value chain, identifying both local and global innovation to improve chain activities and outcomes. She is an Associate of the Australian Institute of Packaging. LinkedIn: Dr Nicole T Garofano

Planet Ark Environmental Foundation is an Australian non-profit environmental organisation founded in 1992. Planet Ark partners with organisations in the public and private sectors to help find ways to reduce the impact on the planet. Planet Ark’s Australian Circular Economy Hub is the national platform for circular economy knowledge and collaboration to facilitate the transition to a circular economy in Australia.


This event was organised by the SACC Sustainability Committee







SACC Executive Forum followed by Networking Event with the Ambassador of Sweden to Australia, 31 May Sydney

The SACC Executive Forum and the following Business Networking Event were honoured at being hosted by AstraZeneca Australia and venue host Allens Law Firm, on the afternoon of 31 May in Sydney.
The events were brilliantly moderated by Kieran Schneemann, Corporate Affairs Adviser to AstraZeneca Australia & New Zealand and Honorary Board Member of SACC and kicked off with a welcome from SACC President, Jan Gardberg and an excellent speech from Guest of Honour Ambassador of Sweden, H. E. Pontus Melander. We heard from event hosts Penny George, Director of Corporate Affairs for AstraZeneca gave a valuable presentation on AstraZeneca’s footprint in Australia, it’s manufacturing investment locally as well as their focus on sustainability and from Carolyn Oddie, Partner at Allens.
Special, thanks to AstraZeneca and Allens for supporting this event.

Networking Event with SACC Corporate Member Sinch 3 May Sydney

On 3 May SACC Corporate Member Sinch hosted a fantastic networking event at their new Sydney CBD office.

Great to hear about Sinch and their solutions for customer engagement. We also heard from SACC Member Howwe Technologies, leading software for strategy acceleration.

Big thank you to team Sinch and all members and guests attending the event!

Why Hydrogen? SACC Sustainability Committee Virtual Event 4 April

Summary and recording

This webinar brought us on a journey to understand how Hydrogen will play a part in the future energy sector, how is produced, why it is produced, what are the hurdles to solve before the industry can produce financially viable green Hydrogen and how can Hydrogen can be applied in our society in the future with an especial focus on how Hydrogen can decarbonize the Heavy-Duty transport sector in Australia.

Our first speaker Govindaraj NARALASETTI Director of Energy and Industrial for Surbana Jerong Infrastructure started our Hydrogen journey by setting the scene. Govindaraj is responsible for LNG, Hydrogen, Ammonia and Decarbonisation businesses. He is a chartered manager and engineer with  23 years of experience in Hydrogen Production storage and Export solutions, and he started the journey by setting the scene for us, explaining the process of producing different types of Hydrogen, different storage aspects and the cost implications, challenges and the benefits of the Hydrogen supply chain and finally what role it could have in our society in the future. See Govindaraj’s presentation here

The next speaker was planned to be Hanna Langels, a Business Developer in PtX at ABB Energy Industries, Sweden, who since 2021 has worked with business development in hydrogen/PtX applications and developing hydrogen strategies for ABB Sweden, furthermore, she has also delivered a Master Thesis on strategies for hydrogen production and storage optimization.  Unfortunately, Hanna could not join us on the day due to illness, but it is possible to view her presentation in which you can read about practical examples of how Green Hydrogen production is taking place in northern Sweden, a Hydrogen fuel station operating in Paris and the way to optimize the Hydrogen production to make it more financially viable. In her absence, Govindaraj kindly presented an overview of the key hurdles and opportunities with Hydrogen production. See Hanna’s presentation here

Finally, Mitchell Peden,  General Manager of Volvo Bus Australia and New Zealand who has extensive and long experience in the heavy-duty transport industry applied his “big picture” vision and closed the loop for us by talking about who and how we will apply Hydrogen as a renewable fuel and what type of end applications he thinks are most suitable for the Australian market (and in general) and how VOLVO Buses is working in partnership with others to develop Hydrogen applications. See Mitchell’s presentation here

The presentations were followed by an open discussion around the following questions:

  1. Is Hydrogen still a good and sustainable option for our environment, even if it is not green Hydrogen?
  2. What are the key technical hurdles to solve and key success factors to make Hydrogen production more financially viable?
  3. When will we see Hydrogen applications as an integrated and natural part of our society (which applications will come first?)?

The key takeaways from the webinar are as follows:

  1. Hydrogen comes in many colors and green is the most sustainable of those. Production of green Hydrogen (using wind, solar, and biomass) is financially challenging today and as a result, it is often Blue Hydrogen that is being produced in Australia and globally today. In the future, it is expected that there will be a shift from Blue to Green Hydrogen
  2. Green Hydrogen is currently produced in collaboration with several partners in North Sweden, where ABB is one of the key partners. The project seeks to find a way to replace coal power in the steel industry and produce fossil fuel-free steel. Different solutions exist to make Hydrogen more viable for example the OptimoX and research will continue on how to leverage Hydrogen as fuel or storage (reducing efficiency loss and other safety aspects ie using Hydrogen in the pipelines to blend out natural gas)
  3. Hydrogen applications already exist in our society, and it is being adopted by the pioneers. VOLVO Buses believes that Hydrogen will play a role in the renewable fuel market for long-haulage in Australia, but there are still challenges left to solve with efficiency, overheating, and cost-efficiency and it is expected will take another 5 years (at least) before Hydrogen as an integrated and natural part of our society. Collaborating with other partners will be key to keeping R&D costs down.

For the full version please listen to the event here



Govindaraj Naralasetti, Director Energy & Industrial

Raj is Director, Energy & Industrial, responsible for LNG, Hydrogen, Ammonia and Decarbonisation businesses in Surbana Jurong Infrastructure. He is a Chartered Manager and Chartered Engineer with more than  23 years of rich and varied experience in Project development, Business development, Project management, Engineering and operational environments. His areas of expertise include LNG  Liquefaction, LNG regasification process, LNG storage, Hydrogen Production storage and Export solutions, Ammonia Production, Storage and export Solutions, strategic planning, project management, risk assessment & mitigation, project delivery, etc. He had worked with major Client companies like SHELL, EXXONMOBILE, RASGAS LNG, OMAN LNG, CHEVRON, QATAR PETROLEUM, SINGAPORE LNG Etc.

Hanna Langels, Business Developer Power-to-X, Energy Transition, Process Automation, ABB Energy Industries, Sweden

She holds a Master of Science in Sociotechnical Systems Engineering, Energy Systems, and wrote her Master Thesis on strategies for hydrogen production and storage optimization, focusing on demand and integration of wind power. She joined ABB in September 2021 and has since then worked with business development in hydrogen/PtX, including project management and developing hydrogen strategies for ABB Sweden.


Mitchell Peden, General Manager, Volvo Bus Australia

As the head of Volvo Bus Australia and New Zealand, Mitch oversees the strategic and commercial aspects of these Volvo Bus markets. His strong passion for the Volvo brand, emerging technologies, sustainability and customer success, has supported key industry partnerships and facilitated Volvo’s innovative journey across electromobility and digitalisation. With 26 years experience in the automotive industry, Mitch has a strong background with buses, trucks, capital equipment and automotive marketing, wholesale, retail, and experience across the wider value chain.



Linda Nordin, Circular Economy Specialist, Senior Associate Engineer, Waste & Resource Recovery

Linda Nordin is a Senior Associate Environmental Engineer at SMEC with 18 years of experience in strategic planning, implementing and operating waste, organic and recycling services for waste service providers as well as Local Councils. She has long experience in planning and implementing actions that divert waste from landfill and delivers towards net zero and a circular economy system to commercial customers. Linda has worked with undertaken feasibility studies around modern technology for Wet and Dry Anaerobic digestion, MRF facilities in remote regions, IVC processing, renewable fuel production incl Hydrogen and vacuum technology using Optic sort.







SACC Perth WA – Special Business Event supported by Scania on 23 March with the Ambassador of Sweden to Australia

On 23 March SACC Perth WA hosted a special business event in conjunction with HE Pontus Melander Ambassador of Sweden to Australia’s visit to Perth. About 40 representatives from Swedish and Australian businesses attended the event held at the South of Perth Yacht Club.

Lisa Jahrsten, Honorary Consul for Sweden WA welcomed all and introduced guest of honour Ambassador of Sweden HE Pontus Melander.

Ambassador Melander highlighted the priorities of the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union – security – unity, competitiveness, green and energy transitions, democratic values and the rule of law – our foundation. The increased importance of friendship with like-minded countries with Ukraine and uncertainty in the world. Ambassador Melander also talked about the sustainable mining opportunities between Sweden and Australia with digitalisation and automatisation happening with increased speed.

SACC Perth WA Chapter Chair, Joseph Olsson, Sandvik introduced event sponsor Scania Australia, Martin Melin.

Martin Melin, Operations Manager Scania Australia presented on E-mobility and customer collaborations in mining, where they have rolled out electrified and autonomous systems. These collaborations included LKAB and Boliden in Sweden and Rio Tinto locally in Australia. Scania highlighted the importance of partnerships to develop and test new technology and how important the collaboration with Rio Tinto has been and still is. Furthermore, Scanias EV Roadmap was presented, as well as more details on battery systems and collaboration with Northvolt regarding battery cells. Another item discussed was the different regulations in different states regarding axle weights, which is causing difficulties for the industry and complicates the deployment of new BEV technology on public roads.

Thank you to all attending the event and a big thank you to our event sponsor Scania Australia




Conversation with Jesper Brodin CEO INGKA Group IKEA – Swedish Chambers APAC Virtual Event 14 March


Summary and recording

The world around us is changing – and quickly. The climate crisis is no longer a distant threat rather a living reality, which impacts us all – our shared home, the planet and our lives in ways we could never imagine. To preserve a livable planet we need to transform into a net-zero future. At the same time, digitalisation and new technology is changing how industries operate at high speed. All of this means both challenges we have never experienced before as well as many new opportunities.

We were proud to present Jesper Brodin, CEO, Ingka Group IKEA, as our guest at the recent Swedish Chambers APAC CEO Series  Event on 14 March 2023. In this exclusive session, Jesper shared how the Ingka Group IKEA tackle the biggest transformation in IKEA history, how they approach the global challenges the world is facing today and how they are committed to leading the way towards a more sustainable business model for the industry.

The conversation with Jesper Brodin will be led by Camilla Bullock, Board Director, Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce (SACC) and CEO, Emerging Payments Association Asia.





Jesper Brodin is the President and CEO of Ingka Group, IKEA. Ingka Group, formerly know as IKEA Group, is one of the world’s largest home furnishing retailer and owns and operates more than 400 IKEA stores in 32 markets (FY21) under franchise agreements with Inter IKEA Systems B.V. Ingka Group was founded by Ingvar Kamprad and is a strategic partner in the IKEA franchise systems and in addition to operate IKEA Retail, the company consists of Ingka Centres and Ingka Investments. Jesper started his IKEA career in 1995 as the Purchase manager in Pakistan, IKEA Group. During the years he has held different roles such as assistant to Ingvar Kamprad and Anders Dahlvig, CEO at the time, Business area manager Kitchen and Dining as well as his recent role as Managing Director for Range & Supply, Inter IKEA Group. He has a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. Jesper is married to Lena and they have three children. His passion is music and the sea.

Work experience:

  • 2017 CEO, Ingka Group, IKEA
  • 2016 IKEA Range & Supply Manager, MD IKEA of Sweden, Inter IKEA Group
  • 2013 IKEA Range & Supply Manager, MD IKEA of Sweden, IKEA Group
  • 2011 IKEA Supply Manager, IKEA of Sweden, IKEA Group
  • 2008 Regional Purchase Manager China, IKEA Group
  • 2002 Business Area Manager Kitchen and Dining, IKEA of Sweden, IKEA Group
  • 1999 Assistant to Ingvar Kamprad and Anders Dahlvig, CEO at the time, IKEA Group
  • 1997 Regional Purchase manager South East Asia, IKEA Group
  • 1995 Purchase manager in Pakistan, IKEA Group


Camilla is the CEO and co-founder of Emerging Payments Association Asia. She has a long career in the financial technology industry and often talks about coming home when she started her work in the payments industry. Payments is the part of the financial service’s that touch people’s lives every day, and through EPA Asia work lives can be improved. The payments industry offered her an opportunity to combine her passion for fintech and humanitarian questions. She is loving her role where she can combine intellect, creativity with enthusiasm and energy to connect people, create opportunities and ideas from the apparently abstract connections she sees between situations, businesses, problems and people. When she was twelve months into setting up EPA Asia she was approached and asked the question why there were so few women involved in the program.  She was taken by surprise. Running fast and creating on the go, she had forgotten to reflect if the people they engaged were male or female.  She there and then set the goal of reaching a 50% gender balance in the association. Project Meet-Her started as a series of lunch events with the goal to involve female thought leaders in the EPA Asia agenda. COVID-19 forced EPA Asia to adopt the program, it has evolved and is now an online event series that will result in a book – Meet Her – She knows Payments. 







The annual Nordic Open Golf Day 2023 took place 3 March at Moore Park Golf in Sydney. What a day we had with 19 teams, 76 players and an extra 20 participants celebrating with us in Nordic spirit at the post-golf lunch and networking event.

The Nordic Open Golf Day has become a popular and sold out event within the Nordic and Estonian business communities. A great “day in the office” with fantastic networking opportunities in a relaxed setting, but the competition for the trophy is still on!

Female and male players, at all levels, take part in a mix of corporate and individual teams. The game is Ambrose, meaning each player hits from the tee-off and then chooses the best ball and continues from there with every player again hitting from this spot. The combined strokes are then counted for each team minus the team handicap to calculate the overall Ambrose score. Via the Moore Park Golf app players could follow the interactive scorecards and live leader board, which added to the comp.

The Nordic Open Golf Day Trophy winner for 2023 was Sweden with corporate team EQT Partners, with Matt Woodman, Harry Byrnes Howes, James Webb and Ryan Ter. The runner-up prize was also awarded to a Swedish team with Mikael Dahlgren, James Jennings, Carl Wallberg and Daniel Hallgren. Finland came in on third place with team Freely, Miksu Vaittinen, Mikko Mannerkorpi, Anssi Paatero and Will Crisp. Last year’s winning team SignUp Software, Sweden kept their spot in the trophy lineup in 4th place, with Magnus Perri, Michael Dawkings, Lachlan Jones and Svante Meijer.

Congratulations to the overall comp winners!

The Individual prizes female and male for Nearest to Pin and Longest Drive were won by Emma Karkvik, Volvo Car Australia and Jerry Yin, EQT Partners. Congrats, fantastic effort!

All players had a chance to win a brand new Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric with a hole-in-one on hole 10. No players were lucky or skilled to hit the hole in one but there was a close very attempt this year!

The on-time award sponsored by Galvin Watch Company went to Eero Toivanen, Business Finland. A Harahorn G&T was handed out to everyone who hit the green on hole 15 and there were some great lucky door prizes to be won by all players and lunch guests.

During the day we also ran the Nordic Putting Competition, which took place in front of the clubhouse throughout the day for golfers and lunch only participants. The winner of the 2023 Putting comp with a HiO was Lachlan Jones from team SignUp Software, runner up was Julian Gaillard from Veolia and second runner up was Ryan Ter from EQT Partners.

Well done to all who took part in the Nordic Putting comp!

Guest of honour at this year’s Nordic Open Golf Day was the Ambassador of Finland to Australia, HE Satu Mattila-Budich, who in her speech highlighted the importance of the Nordic collaboration and what a great joint effort this event resulted in.

The Nordic and Estonian Chambers were delighted and especially thank Ambassador Mattila-Budich and Mr Martin Henrik Budich for taking part in the Nordic Open Golf Day 2023 networking lunch.

Danish Connect was represented by their President David McLellan, Anssi Paatero represented FACC, EACCI by President Marianna Jolla, NACC by President Sophia Demetriades Toftdahl and SACC by President Jan Gardberg and Camilla Jennings General Manager, SACC.

Thank you to all chamber representatives and volunteers for your support and contribution to making this event happen!

We would like to express a special thank you to all Event Sponsors; Volvo Car Australia, Fiskars, Freely, Elekta, EQT Partners Australia and SignUp Software.

A big thank you also goes to all Prize Sponsors; Galvin Watch Company, BourkeHood, Harahorn Gin, Beeautify, Caddie Snacks, Fika, Nordic Fusion, Marimekko, Milla’s Vineyard Wines and Moore Park Golf.  A final thank you to all participants and to the Nordic and Estonian Chambers for kicking off this event for the 7th year and to Moore Park Golf Club for hosting this annual event.

We look forward to next year’s Nordic Open Golf Day, which is planned to be held Friday 1 March 2024.  We welcome new event ideas, feedback and if you would like to get involved please contact us:

See the event summary with images here




Swedish high-level delegation in Sydney 14-15 February 2023

The Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce was delighted and honoured to be part of the Sydney events on 14 and 15 February in conjunction with the high-level official visit led by HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, HRH Prince Daniel and HE Johan Forsell, Minister for International Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade.

The first event was held at the Government House hosted by Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AC KC Governor of New South Wales and Mr Dennis Wilson.

On the 15th of February Business Sweden organised an excellent Sustainable Mining Summit, showcasing our long legacy of bi-lateral trade. It was great to see how advanced Sweden and Australia are on the path to a net zero mining industry and the vast collaboration opportunities between our two countries.

The Summit was followed by a beautiful reception at the Museum of Contemporary Art hosted by HE Pontus Melander Ambassador of Sweden to Australia. Thank you Embassy of Sweden in Canberra and Business Sweden, the SACC is proud of being to be part of Team Sweden Australia and our joint collaboration to strengthen and grow business relations between Sweden and Australia.