The Pagero Network 

Pagero was founded by three graduates from the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, and started as a solution for payment instructions and to cater to changing invoice mandates within the B2G sector. The technology then evolved into the Pagero platform – an innovative, open, cloud-based B2B/B2G-network for P2P and O2C transactions.  Enabling customers to reach any business, anywhere in the world. No matter how many borders their operations may cross or how many systems they’re connected to, we take care of the technical and regulatory requirements across the entire order-to-cash, purchase-to-pay and freight processes. Providing data accuracy and security, transparency and real time visibility – through a single connection.

Now, 11 years after our founding, we have customers in over 130 countries and offices in 18 – with our Melbourne office being the most recent one to ensure existing and new customers get full support in their eBusiness-journey in the A-NZ region. We opened up our local offices in January 2019, headed up by Bertrand Gauch and Pontus Hanson, with the expressed purpose of supporting local and global businesses, as well as meeting increasing local regulatory requirements.

Specifically, for the region, the introduction of the Peppol framework by the Australian and New Zealand governments is something on the radar for most businesses.

If you’ve yet to come across Peppol and eBusiness, there’s plenty of material on our website that we recommend having a look at. For the purposes of this introduction, however, one of the key things to mention is that it enables quicker payments and reduced invoice exception management. In fact, to stimulate eInvoicing adoption, suppliers that send their invoices through Peppol, are guaranteed payment from the Australian Government, within 5 business days. In Australia, it’s the ATO that’s the local Peppol authority, and in New Zealand it’s the MBIE, so you can also find more information on their respective websites.

Lastly, with our Swedish origins and connection, we’re proud of becoming members of SACC, and look forward to contributing to the community in any way we can. If you have any questions around eInvoicing, Peppol or just want to catch up for some socialising, feel free to reach out – we’re usually a pretty friendly bunch.