Winners of the Swedish Business in Australia Awards 2015

2015 has seen many good achievements and success stories for our member companies and a number of new businesses starting up or entering the Australian market. With these annual awards SACC has over a number of years been highlighting and awarding successful Swedish business achievements in Australia. The Awards are run on a non-profit basis and provide recognition generally for Swedish related business activities in Australia and also for organisations that have helped to grow a positive profile for Swedish business in Australia.

The awards this year were expanded to three categories:

1. To an incumbent company (more than 5 years in Australia) that has had GREAT LONG TERM SUCCESS in terms of gained market share, sales/profit success and raised the Swedish business profile in Australia over a sustained period.

2. To a SUCCESSFUL NEWCOMER to the Australian market (1-5 years of operation in Australia) in terms of gained market share, innovative product, creation of brand awareness and/or positive media attention.

3. EXCELLENCE IN BUSINESS ENTERPRISE – open to all Swedish or Swedish-Australian business activities, large or small, newcomer or established. Here we are looking to highlight a big event, significant project, innovative campaign, or new enterprise launch.

The Winners of this year’s Awards were presented at the Chamber’s Annual Christmas Dinner Thursday 3rd of December 2015.



VOLVO TRUCKS AUSTRALIA was established in Australia in 1970, in Wacol, Queensland. We operate in the fields of manufacturing, distribution and maintenance of total transport solutions. Our trucks are designed and engineered in Sweden, manufactured in Wacol, Queensland but adapted and tested by our local design and engineering teams here in Australia for our market conditions.


FLICK ANTICIMEX entered the Australian market in June 2013 and over the last 2 years, we have grown from 300 employees to 870+ employees. In January 2014, we merged with Enviropest and have increased our presence and service reach in various regional areas of NSW, VIC and QLD. Through participation in social and commercial events, local and global conferences and overall community support via sponsorships of charities, we have built a great brand and presence.


MAGIPICS a unique content provider in the digital industry specialising in animations targeting niche areas. Magipics operate on the border of Science and Art and is a fine representative of the new creative industries that Australia and Sweden will benefit from in the digital age now an in the future. The highest impact of a Magipics animation is one of the recent projects for CAASTRO, the Australian Research Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics. The animation illustrates “plasma tubes”, associated with Earth’s magnetic field lines, recently discovered using the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA).