Why is M&A growing in importance in the APAC region? – Swedish Chambers APAC Webinar 12 October

Summary and Recording of the Event

Companies merge to share information, technology or other resources to increase the overall strengths. Mergers also help to overcome existing challenges, reduce weaknesses and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Why is M&A growing in importance in the APAC region? What are the economic driving factors? Which sectors/industries and capabilities are driving activity? What trends and opportunities are there in the region?

At this Swedish Chambers APAC webinar the following panellists shared their expertise on M&A activity in the region:

  • Martin Ekberg, Trade & Invest Commissioner to Australia and Business Sweden Global M&A Lead, Sydney
  • Enrique Patrickson, CFO & Head of Sales – Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa at Electrolux, Singapore 
  • Ola Nordh, Head of M&A at Anticimex Group, Stockholm 

The session was moderated by Camilla Bullock, Director General, Emerging Payment Association APAC, Sydney 


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