The winners and runner ups of the 2021 business awards were announced virtually and we are delighted to announce that they will be presented on stage and celebrated at the Swedish Australian Innovation Technology and Design Summit on 16 March 2022. Four inspirational companies – newcomers as well as established – won the 2021 Awards, showcasing the successful Sweden–Australia business connection.

The Awards provide a great platform for companies to showcase their business within the Swedish-Australian business community. These awards also offer a great opportunity for companies to be recognised at a state as well as national level for being a business leader in its field or have specific expertise and of course, these awards offer everyone participating, invaluable promotional opportunities. The Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1911 and we feel very proud of celebrating 110 years of dedication to create, promote, add value and support a sustainable Swedish-Australian business network.

The awards are run on a non-profit basis and promote Swedish related business activities in Australia as well as recognising organisations and individuals that help give Swedish business in Australia a positive profile.

The entries for the 2021 year’s awards according to the jury panel were of very high and equal quality, which made the evaluation process very hard but after careful screening of the different nominations, the result within the four different categories was decided and announced as follows.

Excellence in Business Enterprise

This award was open to all Swedish or Swedish-Australian businesses; large or small, newcomer or established. Here we highlight businesses or organisations that have achieved outstanding results through initiatives that demonstrate excellence in business management, a significant project, implementing progressive sustainability strategy, innovative campaign or product, marketing/branding or a new enterprise launch.


The Excellence in Business Enterprise Award for 2021 was granted to Ericsson Australia with Husqvarna and Randek as runner ups.

Ericsson Australia has been integral in evolving Australia’s telecommunications industry through the development of innovative technologies and solutions. From the first public telephone system in 1959 to the first 5G network in the Southern Hemisphere in 2020, Ericsson has partnered with operators to cement Australia as a global technology leader. Just in the last 18 months, Ericsson has helped connect over 3 million customers to 5G and is collaborating with partners to evolve 5G networks as a platform for innovation to support Australia’s digital future.

Ericsson’s Managing Director Australia and New Zealand says: “I’m thrilled that Ericsson has been presented with the Excellence in Business Enterprise award at the 2021 Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce Swedish Business in Australia Awards.

First established in 1876 in Stockholm, we are proud of our Swedish heritage. Our technology innovation has positioned Australia as one of the global leaders in 5G, but it is the imprint of the founder, Lars Magnus Ericsson, who believed access to communication is a basic human right, that remains unmistakable to this day.

In 130 plus years, Ericsson Australia has grown from sales and repair shops to a household name, helping to create sustainable change and transforming nearly every sector of society. Whether it be the launch of Australia’s first public telephone system, or supporting the roll-out of the Southern Hemisphere’s first 5G network, Ericsson has placed the Swedish innovation at the very heart of Australia’s telco industry and ensured that Australia is at the cutting edge of technology.”

Excellence in Sustainability

The Sustainability award recognises organisations that execute initiatives that demonstrate leadership and commitment to sustainable business practices in planning, operations, marketing and/or in line with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). We encouraged businesses of all sizes and sectors that go above and beyond to achieve any of the SDG’s, to reduce the impact of their operations on the environment and/or provide products and services that have positive environmental outcomes.

As many Swedish organisations are advanced in this area it was difficult for the jury to select a winner within this category with the impressive runner up companies, Alfa Laval and Axis Communications.


The Excellence in Sustainability Award for 2021 was awarded to AstraZeneca Australia. AstraZeneca is part of the global science-led biopharmaceutical company and is engaged in the research, development, manufacture and supply of medicines, that are committed to making a real difference to the lives of Australians.

AstraZeneca Australia’s policy and values embrace sustainable priorities such as; disease prevention and treatment, product environment stewardship, greenhouse gas reduction, water and power stewardship, waste management, responsible supply chain management, ethical business culture, inclusion and diversity and workforce well being and safety.

Two main sustainability initiatives stood out for the jury: “Their decision to provide a COVID vaccine to protect all people at cost and no profit during the pandemic period; and initiating the largest private greening venture in Australia (with Greening Australia), planting 25 million trees to recover native growth following the bushfires 2019-20”. AstraZeneca Australia integrated sustainability into every aspect of their enterprise, going beyond meeting annual and longer-term targets, to evolving a mindset and practices to meet changing and challenging times, well beyond their core business.


Excellence in Small Business

This award recognises a business that has attained significant growth and is able to demonstrate the specific strategies and processes implemented to achieve sustainable growth in the last year. 

The 2021 Excellence in Small Business Award was secured by E3 Health, taking the lead over strong runner up companies Fallon Dasey Content and TePe.

E3 Health was established in 2017 as a consulting firm supporting medical technology companies with commercialisation. The first Swedish product, launched in Australia in 2019, was Pjama a washable pyjama for bedwetters invented in Sweden 2014. Pjama has to date generated over $325K in sales and with the right strategies well executed can generate more than $1M in sales annually. More than 1000 children and adults with bedwetting problems in Australia have had a positive life-changing experience thanks to Pjama. More than 1000 children and adults with bedwetting problems in Australia have had a positive life-changing experience thanks to Pjama.

With the launch of Hipsafety’s hip protective clothing, the elderly community has a new unique solution available to improve quality of life.  The wearer can feel safe, comfortable and confident during their activity of choice. “E3 Health edged the other finalists out for its impressive growth in challenging times, as well as the heartwarming customer feedback. As the product offering expands growth is set to accelerate.”

Excellence in Community Contribution

The Excellence in Community Contribution Award recognises businesses/organisations/individuals that implement initiatives that have a positive impact on the community and generate outcomes that have a long-term benefit. Initiatives can include but are not limited to projects, programs, processes, systems, developments, ventures and undertakings.

This new award for 2021 went to much deserving Elekta, who provides radiation therapy, radiosurgery, related equipment and clinical management for the treatment of cancer and brain disorders.

Elekta is working to broaden cancer treatment availability through new solutions and training so that new, state-of-the-art technology becomes available to everyone in the community. “As technology continues to improve, it requires companies like Elekta to bring it to market to ensure cancer survival rates continue to improve. This enables cancer survivors to live a longer, more improved quality of life.”

Clinicians are inspired by Elekta’s innovative, outcome driven and cost-efficient solutions which allow them to treat more patients and achieve elevated treatment outcomes. Through awareness and advocacy of radiation therapy and the use of Elekta solutions, patients are inspired to take active participation in their cancer journey and seek the best treatment outcomes to extend their life.


The SACC would like to thank members and everyone engaged in the 2021 Business Awards selection and presentation. Special thanks go to the dedicated judges and all companies who participated in the awards.

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