Contributions and support provided by Swedish companies

The Embassy of Sweden presents a series of examples of contributions and support provided by Swedish companies during current challenging times. We highlight examples as a follow up of the #SACCwebinars organised by the Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce on the impact of the #COVID19 pandemic on business and trade.

Here we present are two examples:

The story from TetraPak highlights recipients of donations made by the TetraLaval Group – “In Australia and New Zealand, the support from the group was extended to Melbourne City Mission, Fareshare, St Vincent’s de Paul New Zealand and UNICEF New Zealand for essential needs and health care activities in the respective countries”…/tetra-pak_tetra-laval-group-is-d… 

AstraZeneca had a presence in Australia for the last 60 years and is today one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceuticals in the country. Their local North Ryde, Sydney, facility is among one of the companies most digitised and innovative sites. The announced $200 million injection into the Sydney manufacturing site earlier this year is still on track with the aim for completion by 2022. The expansion will call for an expected 250 additional staff to facilitate the increase in the export capacities for the Asia-Pacific region.

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