Summary and recording SACC online event 26 Aug – Insight to the Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is arguably one of the most important and innovative sectors in tech today. Its importance to culture, social networking and entertainment cannot be understated. The term “entertainment industry” is no longer reserved for the film industry as gaming is now providing one of the most immersive forms of entertainment to more than two billion people around the globe.

At this online event we listen to topic experts Tomas Rossel, Founder of Spawn Ventures  Roger Clarke, Managing Director at Koch Media (owned by listed Swedish company Embracer Group).

Tomas and Roger shared their insight on the gaming industry, its size, value chain, key industry players, industry trends and what’s new in Australia and Sweden.


The event included an interactive Q&A session with the option to ask live questions.

For more information contact: Tomas Rossel on or Roger Clarke on