Onilne event with Lynzeye’s Founders on Purposeful Branding

Swedish Chambers APAC were delighted to have Christian Ihre and Johan Ekelin, founders of Swedish management consultancy Lynxeye, speaking at this online event 26 November.

The future is increasingly difficult to predict for business leaders. They have to act and react in a world where business models change and market roles shift at a staggering pace.

Today, 81% of consumers believe that global brands have the power to make the world a better place, and they want companies to play an empathetic and compassionate role in their lives. Furthermore, 72% of consumers expect companies to understand their needs, and if they don’t, they will switch from brand to brand in search of an experience that matches their expectations. These are the challenges and opportunities companies and brands need to adapt to today if they want to be around tomorrow.

During this event, Mr Ekelin and Mr Ihre shared their conviction that the future belongs to companies with a clear purpose. Why the winners of tomorrow are those that dare to explore bold ways to make a difference for people and society.

Sweden’s Ambassador to Singapore HE Niclas Kvarnström​ facilitated the conversation with Mr Ihre and Mr Ekelin.


View the online event here.