NEW SMALL BUSINESS MEMBER – KMSI – Celemi Solution Provider

KMSI Pty Ltd – a long-standing local provider of Celemi business simulations. 

Celemi is a Swedish company based in Malmö, founded through the genius of Klas Melander who was able to develop a common thread of learning to form the basis of how business and people’s roles and responsibilities contribute to value creation and change.   The programs generate an experiential, quick, and fun way to ‘get everyone on the same page’ for engagement in change linked to strategic initiatives and leadership development.  Many say it is like going through an MBA in a few days.  Celemi’s go to market model is based on developing solution providers who provide local knowledge and experience.  Celemi is represented in over 70 countries.

KMSI is celebrating its 30th year in association with delivering business simulations and Celemi, first as a client with Hitachi and since 1998 as a solution provider. KMSI’s expertise in developing and aligning business acumen to engage and promote greater return on investments.  This year we will be extending this into the new area of sustainability.  KMSI is based in Sydney and has delivered programs throughout Australia and Asia Pacific for clients.  KMSI was formed in 1998 by an executive director, Rob Wells, that was so impressed with value experienced from the Celemi simulations, he forged the local market and assisted in the local delivery for global clients.  The Australian market is important as many global clients utilise Australia as a test market for competitive influences and value creation, which if articulated properly can demonstrate how Swedish innovation can play out globally.  KMSI is keen to demonstrate how global innovation can be paired with local expertise to add value and local context.

Contact details:

Rob Wells, KMSI

0419 228 283

The basis of the simulations are experiential games, originally board-based, but due to the pandemic have been migrating to a digital format.  Clients still have the luxury of selecting a blend if needed.  Games range from engaging ‘finance for everyone’ with a game called Apples & Oranges to complex scenario planning linked to your value chain to experience and practice change.  Return on Investments come from enhanced planning, execution, and improved leadership in initiatives.  KMSI has experience from small to large organisations including simulating M&A’s across all industries.

We are excited that this year a simulation will include engaging dynamic strategies of sustainability. Combining the program with mapping the strategy with KMSI’s maturity analysis framework which can be extended to the entire supply chain can further engage stakeholders throughout the organisation.