The first company in the Amokabel group was established in 1992 in Alstermo Sweden. By focusing on technological development and modernisation, Amokabel managed to organically build a very profitable and successful cable manufacturing group with a turnover of more than a billion Swedish crowns. In the last ten years Amokabel has established subsidiaries in Norway, the UK and in 2021, Australia.

Initially, Amokabel engaged solely in sales in Sweden. Today, the majority of sales are export sales. Together with Amokabel’s own sales offices and extensive agent and distribution network, the company has a global presence. Amokabel supplies a diverse range of customers, including many of the world’s largest airports, power distribution companies globally and Amokabel’s consumer-packaged installation cable can be purchased in most stores in Scandinavia.

Sustainability is a key focus at Amokabel and the company has invested heavily in renewable energy. Amokabel has its own solar power, wind power and hydropower, making it the only cable factory in the world to produce more renewable energy than it consumes.

First and foremost, Amokabel’s business is characterised by innovation. The need for cable is constantly changing and modern times require new solutions. Structures, conductors, plastics and packaging are evaluated constantly and are continuously updated.

Another key philosophy is to focus on the needs of the customer. Amokabel has low requirements for minimum volumes and can easily reset production for quick delivery.

Amokabel’s connection with Australia started in 2016 when Amokabel (the world’s leading producer of Covered Conductor) and local engineering firm Groundline were awarded a Victorian Government grant to assist with the development of a Covered Conductor product that was specifically designed to meet the requirements of the harsh Australian operating environment.

The Covered Conductor solution developed by Amokabel/Groundline has now been deployed successfully in a variety of Victorian locations by AusNet, Powercor and United Energy and approved by Energy Safe Victoria.

Amokabel’s product is of high significance to rural Australia as CSIRO research from 2017 has found that the fire risk reduction from using Covered Conductor is between 98.4% and 99.0%, which is comparable to undergrounding at 99.1%. As Covered Conductor can be installed for less than one quarter of the cost of undergrounding, this makes Covered Conductor by far the most cost-effective bushfire risk reduction technology available today.

In addition to bushfire risk reduction, Amokabel’s Covered Conductor provides a major increase in network reliability. With some Australian distribution companies citing that two-thirds of their outages are vegetation related, the benefits of covered conductors in reducing outages and related restoration time are significant.

Another benefit of Covered Conductor is the increased safety that the fully covered solution provides to line workers, the general public and Australian wildlife.

With climate change set to increase the number of high fire danger days ahead, Covered Conductor by Amokabel is the only large scale, economical and safe technology solution that has been developed, tested and trialled in Australia.

Amokabel believes that its Covered Conductor product has the potential to be a game changer in Australia with regards to preventing powerline-initiated bushfires. To this end, the company founded Amokabel Australia in 2021. The company is based in Canberra and led by Steve Rutland, an experienced international executive who has led companies in Sweden, Australia and the Middle East. Steve speaks fluent Swedish and is passionate about the use of Amokabel’s technology to protect rural Australia. Although the company is primarily focused on the Covered Conductor solution, it also represents the full range of Amokabel cable-based products in Australia.


Amokabel Australia Contact Details:

Steve Rutland

Mobile: 0448009673