Amire is a digital marketing company and our experience in Search Engine Marketing date back to 2002. Our clients differs across the board and we have worked with big clients like ‘Telstra’ and Suncorp Group, but many of our clients are SME’s. The clients are also active in almost every thinkable industry from doctors and health care to insurance and flower deliveries. This is, of course, to do with the fact that in an evergrowing online world, every industry is in a need of a having that online presence. That usually comes with many endeavours, particularly for SME’s where they lack the inhouse knowledge to make the most out of their online presence. What Amire does for our clients can be divided into two branches: SEO (organic traffic) and SEM (the paid traffic). Including our Social Media approach, which can be attributed to both branches. Some of our clients prefer to only use one of our services and other clients have request a combined approach. This is really our specialty since many companies aren’t in a position where they can provide such close collaboration between the two approaches, making our campaigns quite unique.