The Andrews Group manages the development of globally renowned architectural and interior design brands. A family owned business, spanning over 40 years, The Andrews Group is proud to partner with BOLON, a Swedish design brand delivering sustainable and innovative flooring solutions.

Over 70 years ago in Stockholm, Sweden an idea came to life. Textile waste became rugs and BOLON was born. Today, Marie and Annica Eklund, the third generation of the family to manage the business, have transformed the company into a design-led innovator that fuses flooring with the boundless creativity of the fashion and design worlds.

“We believe in design for the long run. Where durability and aesthetics are equally important. Where cleanability and maintenance come naturally. Where honest sustainability stands above it all. Great design is design that lasts. It is an art of performance.” – Marie & Annica Eklund

With a broad colour palette of colours, shapes and expressions, designing with BOLON flooring is limited only by the imagination. Favoured by world renowned brands and boasting collaborations with industry leading designers, including Jean Nouvel and Missoni, Bolon sets the foundation for great interior experiences across a range sectors, including Commercial, Hospitality & Hotels, Museums, Healthcare, Education, Retail and Residential.

Since its inception, sustainable innovation has been a focus for BOLON. From combining development and manufacturing in Ulricehamn, which gives control and the opportunity to optimise resources to benefit the environment, to focusing on sustainability throughout the chain, it’s a journey of innovation that starts long before flooring is produced and long after it has fulfilled its intended purpose. Proof of their commitment to the planet, BOLON products and processes have been awarded stringent environmental certifications.

With a global network of distribution partners, BOLON features in projects across the globe, including Australia. Clients include Armani, Sheraton Hotels, Volvo, Netflix, Google, Chanel and Unicef, to name a few.

The Andrews Group has exclusively managed the BOLON brand in Australia over the past 15 years.  They are proud to work with renowned and awarded Architects and Designers to contribute to beautiful and functional spaces through the delivery of BOLON flooring.

To support the growth of BOLON in Australia, The Andrews Group opened a BOLON Showroom in Paddington, Sydney in 2020. The flexible space showcases BOLON’s full range of collections and is a hub of design where tactile flooring and artistic installations serve as a backdrop for a rotating program of workshops and events. The business continues to develop and grow year on year, with the introduction of new collections and greater brand awareness and loyalty in the Australian market. The increased focus on sustainability and more recently, health & hygiene, have contributed to the growth of Bolon in Australia given its high-performance benefits, sustainability credentials and suitability across a range of sectors and spaces.   |