The SACC has introduced a new series of online meetings which gives members in an exclusive format the opportunity to discuss and share experiences, engage and connect with other members, get inspired and stay informed. During the 90 minute interactive sessions, participants get the opportunity to discuss major challenges related to the topic and hear from experts within the area. You will walk away with:

  • A list of DO’s and DON’Ts
  • An action list where to start and what question to ask
  • Inspiration about how your fellow members are approaching the topic
  • A list of suggested tools to use

The first session was held on 27 August with focus Digital Marketing – The Future is Digital (Part 1)

The session was moderated by SACC Board Member, Camilla Bullock and the topic expert joining this meeting was John Ekman, a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Conversonista which is Scandinavia’s nr 1 company in Conversion rate Optimization. John is the head of education at New Republique – Australia’s premier Experimentation and Conversion Optimisation agency. He is a sought after speaker and instructor. He’s been helping brands like IKEA, Spotify, H&M, and Klarna to take their digital business to the next level.

We discussed what digital tools and channels to use and how you use them.

  • What is the difference between content and advertising, and how do we create high rates of click-through and engagement?
  • How has the pandemic changed customer behaver, and what opportunities lie therein?
  • Has there been a shift in visitor behaviour on our websites?
  • How has the conversation and retention been impacted?
  • What is the most cost and time-efficient (ROI) way to improve our digital strategy to improve conversion and retention, step one, two and three?
  • Where to start, what questions to ask what pitfalls to watch out for.

We had some great feedback from the session and participants walked away with a guide full of tips and key takeaways.

The next session will be held in November and we are keeping a digital focus and will cover digital transformation, CRM and other tools to help streamline businesses. 

Keep your eyes on the SACC socials Linkedin and Facebook for further updates as announcements are made about future events, and check out the Recent Events and Webinars page on the SACC website for summaries and recordings of our recent presentations. Please contact us for questions and further information: