Enter now for the 2019 Swedish Business Awards!

Swedish Business in Australia Awards 2019

Nomination and Entry details

Any organisation/young business executive or entrepreneur in Australia can nominate. Nominations can be made by the organisation/individual (self-nomination) or another party providing the nominated organisation/individual is informed and agrees to the nomination. All nominated organisations will be contacted for their agreement to be nominated and judged.
Successful nominees will be asked to provide a written presentation to the judging panel. Presentations should be no more than 2-4 pages. If you would like to include examples, data, or photographs these can be included as attachments. Finalists and award winners will be expected to be members of the SACC prior to the awards presentation.

Deadline for entries is 1 November 2019.

Swedish Business in Australian Awards Invitation – pdf format

See also https://www.swedishchamber.com.au/event/sacc-christmas-awards-event-28-november-2019/

Swedish Business Awards 2019

Application form

Unfortunately, the nominations for the 2019 awards are now closed.

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