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Pilates for a strong and balanced body

It’s no secret that Pilates is an essential part in many athletics and celebrities exercise program. Tennis player Roger Federer incorporated Pilates in his training, and we all know how well his body is working on the court.

Due to the lifestyle most of us are living today are bodies are starting to develop aches and pains that are 100% related to “bad” lifestyles. And on top of not moving enough, we are under constant stress and the body can’t relax.

Pilates is a whole body work-out that strengthens you core and balance, and is great for you muscle and brain connection. A body with balanced strength and flexibility is less likely to be injured.

Because Pilates is very focus on mind and muscle connection during the exercises it takes a lot of concentration but also very calming, you feeling centered and aware of your body. This is why Pilates has been proven to significantly reduce stress levels, improve your memory and improve function of nervous system.

So even though the mind gets a nice workout the whole body is challenged. Each exercise is performed with attention to proper breathing techniques and abdominal muscle control. To gain the maximum benefit, you should do Pilates at least two or three times per week. You may notice postural improvements after 10 to 20 sessions.

Pilates caters for everyone, from beginner to advanced. You can perform exercises using your own body weight, or with the help of various pieces of equipment.

Here are 6 reasons why you should incorporate Pilates into your training regime:

  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves core stability
  • Develops kinetic awareness
  • Helps prevent injuries
  • Improves balance
  • Pilates Creates Strength Without Bulk

The Swedish Pilates Studio is a boutique Pilates Studio located in beautiful Glen Iris on Glen Iris Rd just opposite from Ferndale Park. We offer Pilates in small, friendly and personal classes with exercises that are gentle and safe, yet very effective. Birgitta Thorborg is the Director and Principal Pilates Instructor of The Swedish Pilates Studio. “I want to provide a place where you can meet like-minded people, gain inspiration and recharge your energy.”

What most companies don’t consider when hiring expat staff

With the globalized world we now live in, it’s hardly a surprise that more and more people move countries or regions to find better opportunities for work, study or try a different lifestyle for a while.


Some relatively recent research shows that there were roughly 50.5 million expats globally in 2013, an increase by about 2.4% per year since 2009. That’s a lot of people! The majority of these expats were individual workers (73.6%) with corporate transferees being only 1.0%. Other expats (defined as non-employed spouses and children) made up 12.8% of all expats. If we were to use these stats conservatively it means that at least 505,000 corporates get relocated internationally every year for a specific role.


To drill down further, only 28% of companies have tools in place to measure if the relocation is successful or not. That means that 72% of companies don’t even measure it! Most senior relocations costs a company at least $150,000, but often way more than that. And the return on this huge investment of time and money is only measured by 28% of companies?


These stats don’t even capture all expats. As more and more people move overseas for a part of their life, I can’t help but notice that many companies who end up hiring expat staff, don’t fully understand how a big move impacts a person and their family.


The three biggest issues I see time and time again when talking to expats who have moved internationally:


  • Moving to a new country is much more than just finding a home. If you’re lucky the company will cover shipping of your most important items and furniture, some help to find a new home and maybe your flights as well. This is part of a big move, but certainly not the whole picture.
  • The majority of people who relocate don’t get any support with cultural integration or coaching before, during or after their move. There seems to be an expectation for the individual expat to ‘just deal with it‘. According to Ernst and Young’s study, 50% of the companies participating said they had cultural coaching and support in place. Based on what I hear from my network and clients this is actually very rare.
  • It’s not just about your staff member! Most people relocate with a partner or family. They too have to some extent been uprooted and they won’t be able to get active at work or in social circles straight away. The partner going to work everyday often has to deal with the guilt of ‘dragging the family with them‘ whereas the partner at home often struggles socially and culturally to feel like they belong. If companies provide support for the whole family to some extent, the family will be happier and the employee can focus more on work and worry a lot less about how things are at home. Failed relocations are very costly for everyone involved!

You might feel that “If someone decides to move far away, they must surely be prepared to pay for it, bit financially and emotionally.” Yes, they have to be willing to invest time, money and effort to create change. But this should be matched, if not exceeded, by a smart employer. Imagine how much more the staff member can contribute to their new role if the pain points above are covered!


Relocation support and coaching is a very small cost to pay to help your investment in the person, their family and your own company grow.


Relocation strategist, blogger and speaker, Emmy Petersson is passionate about helping expats to a balanced and happy relocation, regardless where in the world they are moving to and who is coming with them.


Emmy offers individual and corporate relocation mentoring services and you can connect with Emmy here.

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Entries for the Swedish Business in Australia Awards 2016 are now open!


The SACC has over a number of years been highlighting and awarding successful Swedish business achievements in Australia. For the 2016 Swedish Business in Australia Awards we decided to introduce new awards categories with the purpose to open up the awards to a wider group of companies. We also added a new category for individuals, Young Business Executive/Young Entrepreneur.

The 2016 awards categories are as follows:

1. Excellence in Business Enterprise

Open to all Swedish or Swedish-Australian business activities: large or small, newcomer or established. Here we are looking to highlight a big event, significant project, implementing progressive sustainability strategy, innovative campaign or product, marketing/branding or a new enterprise launch.

2. Excellence in Innovation

Recognises businesses that have made significant contributions to their industry through the introduction or improvement of an idea, method, technology, process or application, recently and/or long-term.

3. Excellence in Small Business

The Excellence in Small Business award recognises a business (employing 1-20 employees) that has attained significant growth and is able to demonstrate the specific strategies and processes implemented to achieve sustainable growth in the previous 24 months.

4. Young Business Executive/Young Entrepreneur

This award recognises young business professionals (under 35 years) who demonstrate outstanding business spirit and strategic direction whilst providing inspiration to a new generation of upcoming young business people. Young business executives/entrepreneurs who has built a successful career within an organisation and/or operates a successful business.

The Finalists and Winners of this year’s Awards will be presented at the Chamber’s Annual Christmas Dinner 1 December 2016 in front of business leaders, colleagues and friends of Swedish Australian business. The winners will further be presented in the SWEDELINK Newsletter and on the SACC website.

The Awards are run on a non-profit basis and provide recognition generally for Swedish related business activities in Australia and also for organisations/individuals that have helped to grow a positive profile for Swedish business in Australia.

Entry is open to any company/enterprise/young business executive or entrepreneur in Australia, the individual/business of which has a strong relationship to Sweden. Finalists and Award Winners will be expected to be financial members of the SACC prior to the Award presentation 1rd of December.

Download invitation and nomination details

Swedish Business Awards 2016


Innovation Business Seminar presentation by Colin Jowell, UDKU Innovation Agency

Thank you to Colin Jowell from UDKU for the presentation and SACC members for attending the Innovation Seminar 22 March. Here is a link to the presentation which Colin held for mUmBRELLA 360

Winners of the Swedish Business in Australia Awards 2015

2015 has seen many good achievements and success stories for our member companies and a number of new businesses starting up or entering the Australian market. With these annual awards SACC has over a number of years been highlighting and awarding successful Swedish business achievements in Australia. The Awards are run on a non-profit basis and provide recognition generally for Swedish related business activities in Australia and also for organisations that have helped to grow a positive profile for Swedish business in Australia.

The awards this year were expanded to three categories:

1. To an incumbent company (more than 5 years in Australia) that has had GREAT LONG TERM SUCCESS in terms of gained market share, sales/profit success and raised the Swedish business profile in Australia over a sustained period.

2. To a SUCCESSFUL NEWCOMER to the Australian market (1-5 years of operation in Australia) in terms of gained market share, innovative product, creation of brand awareness and/or positive media attention.

3. EXCELLENCE IN BUSINESS ENTERPRISE – open to all Swedish or Swedish-Australian business activities, large or small, newcomer or established. Here we are looking to highlight a big event, significant project, innovative campaign, or new enterprise launch.

The Winners of this year’s Awards were presented at the Chamber’s Annual Christmas Dinner Thursday 3rd of December 2015.



VOLVO TRUCKS AUSTRALIA was established in Australia in 1970, in Wacol, Queensland. We operate in the fields of manufacturing, distribution and maintenance of total transport solutions. Our trucks are designed and engineered in Sweden, manufactured in Wacol, Queensland but adapted and tested by our local design and engineering teams here in Australia for our market conditions. www.volvotrucks.com.au


FLICK ANTICIMEX entered the Australian market in June 2013 and over the last 2 years, we have grown from 300 employees to 870+ employees. In January 2014, we merged with Enviropest and have increased our presence and service reach in various regional areas of NSW, VIC and QLD. Through participation in social and commercial events, local and global conferences and overall community support via sponsorships of charities, we have built a great brand and presence. www.flick-anticimex.com.au


MAGIPICS a unique content provider in the digital industry specialising in animations targeting niche areas. Magipics operate on the border of Science and Art and is a fine representative of the new creative industries that Australia and Sweden will benefit from in the digital age now an in the future. The highest impact of a Magipics animation is one of the recent projects for CAASTRO, the Australian Research Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics. The animation illustrates “plasma tubes”, associated with Earth’s magnetic field lines, recently discovered using the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA). www.magipics.com.au

SACC Christmas Dinner and Swedish Business Awards 3 December 2015

Develop your Swedish connections and treat your Clients and Employees to a Christmas Dinner that they will remember!

The event offers unique opportunities to promote your Company and services to a discerning audience, see our Sponsorship Packages for details. The evening will include Swedish musical entertainment as well as the sought after Swedish Christmas Buffet, offering an insight to Swedish culture and tradition as well as a lot of fun. Building on last year’s success we expect another sold out event and encourage everyone to book early to secure your participation.

SACC Christmas Invite 2015