SWEDELINK Newsletter Summer 2023-2024

What an eventful year we had with the SACC!

In this final edition of the SWEDELINK Newsletter for 2023 we summarise the year, present the winners of the Swedish Business in Australia Awards and images from the festive Swedish Christmas Dinner on 23 November in Sydney. We also highlight New SACC Company Members and our Chapter events and activities across Australia.

Thank you to all members, board and committee members, chapters, fellow chambers, friends and partners within the business community.

We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

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Clearitt is game-changing Fintech. Founded upon the principles of fairness and integrity. We exist to evolve and level the playing field of business finance, and channel power back to SMEs. Bringing clarity and ease to payment processing, helping to free up time, cash flow and capital. Removing barriers so businesses can focus on what they do best.

See the introduction in pdf format here: https://www.swedishchamber.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/Introduction-of-Clearitt.pdf

Contact details:

Richard Johnsson, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Email: richard@clearitt.com

Andreas Grosund, Chief Operating Officer

Email: andreas@clearitt.com

Web: clearitt.com



Mentimeter – Make your meetings count


Mentimeter is an audience engagement platform (AEP) that makes it easier to listen and to be heard by transforming passive audiences into active contributors. Mentimeter is fundamentally changing the culture of presentations, lectures, and workshops in business and education from talking to listening. Whether on-site, remote, or hybrid, Mentimeter creates a unique, transparent, and engaging experience for everyone.

Since launching in 2012, Mentimeter has grown from a group of four founders to a 250+ person company with two offices on two different continents. In this time, more than 280 million people have gathered opinions, questions, and thoughts through our platform. The platform is used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies.

Mentimeter was founded with the ambition to fundamentally change corporate and education culture from talking to listening. By engaging every voice in the room, Mentimeter allows organizations to harness their full potential, enabling informed decision-making. Whether in-person or remote, Mentimeter helps to transform passive audiences into active contributors through engagement tools, including polls, comments or reactions, to boost inclusivity, productivity and engagement to help organizations achieve optimal business and learning outcomes. In just two years, Mentimeter has seen 178% sales growth with a more than 400% increase in enterprise customers.

Mentimeter changes traditional linear communication to engaging interaction with tools developed for the three different stages of a presentation and meeting, namely prepare, engage, and follow up. According to Mentimeter’s new study on meeting participation and engagement, people want more ways to engage. In fact, 71% of meeting participants want anonymous ways to engage in meetings; a core value proposition of Mentimeter.

Contact details:

Ashleigh McFarland, Director APAC

Email: ashleigh.mcfarland@mentimeter.com



Hitachi Energy – Advancing a sustainable energy future for all



Electricity will be the backbone of the entire energy system. Together with customers and partners, we are shaping collective action to provide the needed technologies, new ways of thinking and new ways of working. By combining advanced digital solutions and services, such as Hitachi Lumada, with our energy platform, that is built on unique domain expertise and experience, we are helping to make the energy system more resilient and secure.

Hitachi Energy serves customers in the utility, industry and infrastructure sectors with innovative solutions and services across the value chain. Together with customers and partners, we pioneer technologies and enable the digital transformation required to accelerate the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral future.

We are advancing the world’s energy system to become more sustainable, flexible and secure whilst balancing social, environmental and economic value. Hitachi Energy has a proven track record and unparalleled installed base in more than 140 countries. Headquartered in Switzerland, we employ around 40,000 people in 90 countries and generate business volumes of over $10 billion USD.

Contact details:

Bernard Norton, Managing Director

Hitachi Energy Australia

Email: bernard.norton@hitachienergy.com



OX2 – A fully integrated provider of renewable energy solutions at scale

Founded in Sweden in 2004, OX2 develops, constructs, and sells renewable energy solutions at scale in 13 markets around the world, including Australia. They also offer asset management services to wind and solar farms during its operation.  


Their project development portfolio consists of in-house developed as well as acquired projects in onshore and offshore wind, solar, and energy storage, in various phases of development.

OX2 acquired Australian renewables developer ESCO Pacific in May 2023, and have been bringing their wealth of expertise in green field project development to Australia ever since.  They plan to scale up their operations in Australia through acquisitions in solar and energy storage and hope to expand their operations to onshore wind while exploring opportunities in offshore wind and hydrogen production.

OX2 Australia is based in Melbourne and has more than 30 employees. OX2 is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market since April, 2022 and has more than 475 employees globally. 


Contact details:

Rachel Watson, Country Manager Australia

 Email: rachel.watson@ox2.com

Web: www.ox2.com.au


The SACC Swedish Business Awards took center stage on 23 Nov 2023, as the Swedish-Australian Business community gathered to celebrate the outstanding achievements of organisations that have demonstrated exceptional dedication to sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship, partnership and collaboration and social impact.

The Swedish Christmas inspired event co-hosted by the Embassy of Sweden was held at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney. The evening started with a special Lucia performance by the Swedish school in Sydney followed by greetings from the President of SACC and a Guest of Honour speech by HE Pontus Melander Ambassador of Sweden to Australia. The “Julbord” Swedish Christmas Buffet was an evening highlight offering all the delicacies you can expect and sending members and guests on a real traditional Swedish culinary experience.

Inspirational companies, newcomers as well as established, were showcasing successful Sweden–Australia business connections and recognised for their significant contributions that have shaped the landscape and set new standards for excellence. The 2023 awards were presented in the following categories:

  1. Excellence in Innovation
  2. Excellence in Sustainability
  3. Excellence in Entrepreneurship
  4. Excellence in Partnerships and Collaboration
  5. Excellence in Social Impact

We welcomed any company/enterprise/young business executive or entrepreneur in Australia with a strong relationship with Sweden to nominate. We also encouraged organisations and individuals to nominate for a specific project for example a sustainability focused product/service, an innovative campaign or change. The judging panel, comprised of esteemed industry experts and leaders, carefully reviewed each nomination to ensure a fair and thorough evaluation process. The 2023 award entries were of high and equal quality, which made the process difficult but after a thorough screening of the different nominations, the result within the five categories was decided and announced at the event as follows.

Excellence in Innovation

This award is open to all Swedish or Swedish-Australian businesses; large or small, newcomer or established. Recognises businesses that have made significant contributions to their industry through the introduction, improvement and implementation of an innovative solution or idea, a method, technology, process or application, new, existing or long-term.

The Excellence in Innovation Award 2023 was granted to Mentimeter with Husqvarna and Flick Anticimex as runner ups.


Mentimeter brings a highly innovative concept to the market which is having a positive impact across industries allowing collaboration, interaction, improved efficiency and better decision making in the business world and beyond.

The program has had a huge impact on how businesses run everyday meetings, workshops and courses. In Australia, Mentimeter has already attracted over 400,000 users from more than 150 organisations. This number continues to rise reflecting the platform’s increasing popularity and the value it provides to a diverse range of users and industries.

Excellence in Sustainability.

The Sustainability Award recognises organisations that execute initiatives that demonstrate leadership and commitment to sustainable business practices in planning, and operations in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). We encouraged businesses of all sizes and sectors that go above and beyond to achieve any of the SDG’s, to reduce the impact of their operations on the environment and/or provide products and services that have positive environmental outcomes. As many Swedish organisations are advanced in this area it was difficult for the jury to select a winner within this category with the impressive finalists Alimak Group, AstraZeneca and Volvo Group Australia

The Excellence in Sustainability Award for 2023 went to Volvo Group Australia.

Motivation: Volvo Group Australia (VGA) has established a strong focus on bringing innovative solutions to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. They have taken a leadership role in collaborating with authorities and politicians and driving changes in order to reach the ambitious sustainability target.

Electrification is key to reaching these goals and VGA has presented electric solutions in all their product areas, trucks and buses. This means a lot more than just replacing vehicles with electric models, it is a complete e-mobility solution including charging, route and range planning and battery monitoring. VGA’s move towards electric vehicles and sustainability focus has raised the Swedish profile in Australia and boosted Sweden’s reputation as a leader in environmentally responsible technology, design and innovation. 

Excellence in Entrepreneurship

This award recognises the efforts and achievements of exceptional entrepreneurs, individuals and businesses (large or small) who are working in the field of entrepreneurship development.


The 2023 Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award was secured by AstraZeneca.


AstraZeneca Australia’s Mentoring and Entrepreneurship programmes are designed to support Australian innovators, start up and scale up companies.

By supporting innovation and start up ecosystems, AstraZeneca not only enhances healthcare outcomes but also drives economic benefits through job creation, skill development, and other economic activities.

Their collaboration with Australian universities and the engagement of their global mentors from the Gothenburg R&D center in Sweden strengthens connections between the two countries and further enhances Sweden’s profile in Australia.

Excellence in Partnership & Collaboration.


This award recognises achievements associated with partnerships and collaborations that develop, maintain, and grow successful Swedish-Australian collaboration, knowledge exchange, R&D, and creative and sustainable business development.

The winner of this new award for 2023 went to much deserving Tetra Pak.


Tetra Pak has proactively addressed recycling solutions across Australian states and councils. They have done this through a strategic partnership with saveBOARD and close collaboration with authorities and councils, showcasing their commitment to sustainable practices.

Tetra Pak’s dedication to sustainability and their collaboration with saveBOARD align with Swedish values of partnership, collaboration, innovation and sustainability. Through their operations in Australia, they contribute to enhancing Sweden’s reputation in sustainability and innovation.

Excellence in Social Impact

A new award for 2023, which recognises businesses/organisations/individuals that implement initiatives that have a positive and sustainable impact on the community and generate outcomes that have a long-term benefit. Initiatives can include but are not limited to projects, programs, processes, systems, developments, ventures and undertakings.



The Excellence in Social Impact Award was secured by AXIS Communications, taking the lead over strong runner up companies Asuria and Sandvik.

Motivation: The introduction of the Coastal Safety Camera Network by Surf Life Saving South Australia (SLSSA) in collaboration with Axis Communications and BST has formed a deep commitment to improve the safety and well-being of the local community. 

A novel and life saving application leveraging a public-private partnership to showcase Swedish technology in an Australian centric setting. The safety camera network initiative addressed a critical community need that will simply save lives and is potentially scalable across Australia to have further impact.

The Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce would like to thank members and everyone engaged in the 2023 Swedish Business in Australia Awards. A special thank you goes to the dedicated judging panel and all the companies who participated in the awards.

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Swedish Business Awards and Christmas Dinner 2023 – WHAT AN EVENING OF CELEBRATION!

The SACC Swedish Business Awards and Christmas Dinner co-hosted by the Embassy of Sweden took place on 23 November 2023 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney. The event was a success with over 160 people attending from the Swedish-Austraian business community. Members and guests enjoyed the seamlessly blended elegance of the Swedish Business Awards presentation with the warmth of the Swedish Christmas celebration, complete with a traditional “Julbord” Christmas buffet.


A highlight of the evening that captivated the audience was the entrance of the enchanting Lucia procession by the Swedish School in Sydney. With a crown of candles adorning her hair, Lucia and her procession illuminated the venue with notes of beautiful Christmas carols.

The event was further elevated by the esteemed presence of HE Ambassador of Sweden to Australia, Pontus Melander. As the Guest of Honour, Ambassador Melander shared insights into the enduring cultural bonds and collaborative efforts that strengthen the relationship between Sweden and Australia.

The SACC Swedish Business Awards took center stage celebrating the outstanding achievements of organisations that have demonstrated exceptional dedication to sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship, partnership and collaboration, and social impact.

The venue was transformed into a winter wonderland, with decorations that captured the essence of a Swedish Christmas. The atmosphere was filled with joy, laughter, and the spirit of camaraderie as guests mingled and shared in the festive cheer.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all who attended, performed, and contributed to the success of this event. Your presence made the evening truly special, and we are thankful for the shared moments of celebration, inspiration, and cultural exchange.

Click on images below to see the presentation of sponsors and images from the event.



Warm Regards,

The Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce



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SACC 112th AGM followed by Networking, Sydney 31 Oct

The Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce 112th AGM took place on 31 October in Sydney at the Business Sweden office.

The AGM was held in person with a link available for members who were unable to join in person. 

Jan Gardberg, President of the SACC, opened the meeting and welcomed all. A special welcome was made to His Excellency, Mr Pontus Melander Ambassador of Sweden to Australia. Jan then proceeded with the president’s report highlighting that the past year had been another eventful year and that we have a lot to recognize and to celebrate. There were many remarkable achievements, close cooperation, and success.

His Excellency Pontus Melander, Ambassador of Sweden to Australia shared a few words reflecting on his first year here in Australia.

Camilla Jennings, General Manger SACC, presented a summary of year including presentation of Honorary Board Members, Chapter Board Members and the Young Professional Board, national events and activities for SACC in 2023 as well as a teaser of what’s to come in 2024.

Jan Gardberg presented the focus and progress for 2023. He then expressed gratitude by saying: “It is amazing to see the quantity and quality of all the committee work, something we all can feel proud of. It is a testament of great collaboration across many people and companies. There are so many fantastic members that have volunteered and invested time to make it happen. Fantastic work, well done!”

Kristina Melin, Treasurer, presented her Treasury report which was distributed prior to the AGM. Another successful year has passed and the membership income Membership income for financial year 2022/23 was similar compared to 2021/22.

Board members were discharged of responsibility for the passed financial year and the new board were elected as follows.


President – Jan Gardberg, New Retail Business Development Manager, INGKA Group IKEA

Vice President – Teresia Fors, Commercial Director NatRoad Australia

Vice President & Secretary – Mikael Dahlgren, CFO Treotham Automation

Treasurer – Kristina Melin, Sales and Commercial Logistic & Planning Manager, Volvo Group Australia

Membership Committee Chair – Anders Mangen, former SKF

Marketing & Events Chair – Isabel Wagner, Cluster Communications Manager, Alfa Laval (South East Asia & Oceania)

Sustainability Committee Representative – Carin Varverud Härdin, Vice President Brand, Marketing & Communications Volvo Group Australia

Corporate Affairs and Collaboration – Australia – Penny George, Director of Corporate Affairs, AstraZeneca

Collaboration – Sweden – Carl Wallberg, Head of Digital & CX, Electrolux

Permanent Attendees:

SACC General Manager – Camilla Jennings

Chapter Chairs – VIC John Rieusset, WA Joseph Olsson/Pia Nilsson, QLD Teresia Fors

YP Chair – Henric Nordenborg






SWEDELINK Newsletter Spring 2023


This spring edition of SWEDELINK is presenting Chamber news, new Members, lots of activities and upcoming events. The main event of the year the 2023 Swedish Business in Australia Awards & Christmas Dinner is coming up soon 23 November at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney, so make sure to secure your participation. Winners of the following new awards categories for 2023 will be presented: 1. Excellence in Innovation, 2. Excellence in Sustainability, 3. Excellence in Entrepreneurship, 4. Excellence in Partnership and Collaboration, 5. Excellence in Social Impact. Find out more and register for the awards here

Read the newsletter with links here: https://www.swedishchamber.com.au/?na=view&id=23

On 15 September 2023 we celebrated King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 50th jubilee

50 years as king! Quite a feat! 

King Carl XVI Gustaf, Sweden’s current monarch, ascended the throne on 15 September 1973. Carl XVI Gustaf is the seventh king of the House of Bernadotte and the longest reigning monarch in Swedish history.

But he’s been in the public eye even longer than that. Since day one, you could say, as the first and only son of Hereditary Prince Gustaf Adolf and Princess Sibylla.

Immediately after his birth on 30 April 1946, announcing the news that an heir to the Swedish throne had been born, cannons at all salute stations across the country and larger naval ships were fired. How’s that for pomp and circumstance?

Less than a year later, on 26 January 1947, Hereditary Prince Gustaf Adolf died in a plane crash, and Carl Gustaf and his four sisters were left fatherless.

On 29 October 1950, Carl Gustaf became Crown Prince of Sweden as his grandfather King Gustaf VI Adolf ascended the throne, following the death of King Gustaf V.

From his early school years, via confirmation, upper secondary school graduation and military service at the Royal Navy, to ascension, marriage to Queen Silvia and the birth of his three children, King Carl XVI Gustaf seems to always have been in the company of a photographer capturing the moment – all the way up to today. We’re thankful for that!

To mark the occasion of his 50-year anniversary, King Carl XVI Gustaf has been paying visits to all 21 of Sweden’s regions during the months leading up to this day. These visits have offered him and Queen Silvia a chance to meet with the people.

According to the 1974 constitution, the Swedish monarch has no political affinity or formal powers. His duties are mainly of a ceremonial and representative nature.

We congratulate His Majesty!