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Sandvik is a high-tech and global engineering Group with about 37,000 employees with a strong commitment to enhancing customer productivity, profitability and sustainability.


Sandvik operations are based on unique expertise in materials technology, extensive knowledge about industrial processes and close customer cooperation. This combination, coupled with continuous investments in research and development (R&D), has enabled Sandvik to achieve world-leading positions in the following areas:
  • Tools and tooling systems for industrial metal cutting
  • Equipment and tools, service and technical solutions for the mining and construction industries
  • Advanced stainless steels and special alloys as well as products for industrial heating

Business areas

The Sandvik Group conducts operations in four business areas with responsibility for research and development (R&D), production and sales of their respective products and services.


Sandvik Manufacturing and Machining Solutions

A global market-leading manufacturer of tools and tooling systems for advanced industrial metal cutting. Products are manufactured in cemented carbide and other hard materials such as diamond, cubic boron nitride and special ceramics. The business area also comprises the areas of additive manufacturing and digital manufacturing.
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Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions

A globally leading supplier in equipment and tools, parts, service and technical solutions for the mining and construction industries. Application areas include rock drilling, rock cutting, loading and hauling, tunnelling and quarrying.
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Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions

A leading supplier of equipment, tools, parts, service and solutions for processing rock and minerals in the mining and construction industries. Applications include crushing, screening, breaking and demolition.
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Sandvik Materials Technology

A world-leading manufacturer of advanced stainless steels and special alloys for the most demanding industries. The offering covers a large variety of product forms, such as tube, pipe, bar and strip steel as well as products for industrial heating.
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Sustainable Business

Sandvik is committed to using engineering and innovation to make the shift towards a more sustainable business. Integrating sustainability into our business model and ways of working creates value for all stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders as well as society.

We take a holistic approach, including the entire value chain into our sustainability agenda. Our main contribution to sustainability is through our products and we work together with our customers and suppliers for more productive, safer and more sustainable solutions.

Sustainability goals

Our 2030 Sustainability Goals in the areas of Climate, Circularity, People and Fair Play form the basis for our sustainability agenda. It includes the areas we consider most material and where we can make a difference.


The Andrews Group manages the development of globally renowned architectural and interior design brands. A family owned business, spanning over 40 years, The Andrews Group is proud to partner with BOLON, a Swedish design brand delivering sustainable and innovative flooring solutions.

Over 70 years ago in Stockholm, Sweden an idea came to life. Textile waste became rugs and BOLON was born. Today, Marie and Annica Eklund, the third generation of the family to manage the business, have transformed the company into a design-led innovator that fuses flooring with the boundless creativity of the fashion and design worlds.

“We believe in design for the long run. Where durability and aesthetics are equally important. Where cleanability and maintenance come naturally. Where honest sustainability stands above it all. Great design is design that lasts. It is an art of performance.” – Marie & Annica Eklund

With a broad colour palette of colours, shapes and expressions, designing with BOLON flooring is limited only by the imagination. Favoured by world renowned brands and boasting collaborations with industry leading designers, including Jean Nouvel and Missoni, Bolon sets the foundation for great interior experiences across a range sectors, including Commercial, Hospitality & Hotels, Museums, Healthcare, Education, Retail and Residential.

Since its inception, sustainable innovation has been a focus for BOLON. From combining development and manufacturing in Ulricehamn, which gives control and the opportunity to optimise resources to benefit the environment, to focusing on sustainability throughout the chain, it’s a journey of innovation that starts long before flooring is produced and long after it has fulfilled its intended purpose. Proof of their commitment to the planet, BOLON products and processes have been awarded stringent environmental certifications.

With a global network of distribution partners, BOLON features in projects across the globe, including Australia. Clients include Armani, Sheraton Hotels, Volvo, Netflix, Google, Chanel and Unicef, to name a few.

The Andrews Group has exclusively managed the BOLON brand in Australia over the past 15 years.  They are proud to work with renowned and awarded Architects and Designers to contribute to beautiful and functional spaces through the delivery of BOLON flooring.

To support the growth of BOLON in Australia, The Andrews Group opened a BOLON Showroom in Paddington, Sydney in 2020. The flexible space showcases BOLON’s full range of collections and is a hub of design where tactile flooring and artistic installations serve as a backdrop for a rotating program of workshops and events. The business continues to develop and grow year on year, with the introduction of new collections and greater brand awareness and loyalty in the Australian market. The increased focus on sustainability and more recently, health & hygiene, have contributed to the growth of Bolon in Australia given its high-performance benefits, sustainability credentials and suitability across a range of sectors and spaces.   |




Scania is a world-leading provider of transport solutions, including trucks and buses for heavy transport applications, combined with an extensive product-related service offering. Scania offers vehicle financing, insurance, and rental services to enable its customers to focus on their core business. Scania is also a leading provider of industrial and marine engines. 

Scania operates its own research and development, manufacturing and sales operations, based in Södertälje, and has a strong corporate focus on driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system, creating a world of mobility that is better for business, society and the environment. Scania aims to deliver tangible results reducing its carbon footprint while ensuring it meets the demands of a growing population – profitably and sustainably. Scania recognises that currently there are significant shifts in society, which will undoubtably impact on the transport industry. Electrification and autonomous technology will disrupt this industry, while exciting new business opportunities are emerging. Scania is choosing to reshape its business model in close cooperation with current and new customers to explore these opportunities and use them to drive growth. One key priority going forward is to move away from developing products and services to developing solutions.

In May 2020, Scania became the world’s first heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer to have climate targets formally approved by the Science Based Targets initiative. The targets include halving carbon emissions from its own operations from 2015 to 2025 as well as reaching a 20 percent reduction of CO2 emissions from its trucks and buses when in use, which constitutes more than 90 percent of Scania’s environmental impact. Research and development activities are mainly concentrated in Sweden. Production takes place in Europe and Latin America with facilities for global interchange of both components and complete vehicles. In addition, Scania has regional product centres in Africa, Asia and Eurasia. Scania is part of TRATON GROUP. Under this umbrella the brands Scania, MAN and Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus work closely together with the aim to turn TRATON GROUP and its brands into a Global Champion. With 50,000 employees in about 100 countries, Scania’s sales and service network is strategically placed at the disposal of its customers. In 2020, Scania delivered 66,900 trucks, 5,200 buses as well as 11,000 industrial and marine power systems to customers. Net sales totalled in excess of SEK 125 billion, of which over 20 percent were services-related.

Scania is celebrating 130 years of innovation in 2021. From its founding as a privately owned wagon-building company back in 1891 to today’s connected vehicles, Scania has enjoyed an unbroken journey of success. The privately owned wagon-building company Vabis was established in Södertälje and produced open wagons and transport wagons. Twenty years later, Scania-Vabis was created through the amalgamation of Vabis with the Malmö-based, privately owned machine-manufacturing company Scania. In 1923 the company developed a four-cylinder, overhead-valve engine that proved to be powerful and reliable when used in trucks and buses. The first diesel engine was developed in 1936. In 1961, Scania-Vabis built on its success in Brazil by opening its first ever production facility outside Sweden in São Bernardo do Campo, near São Paulo. In 1969, Scania celebrated the birth of its now legendary V8 engine, the successors of which remain the flagship powerhouses of the business today.

From the initial 350 hp V8 engine, Scania has continuously developed the concept into the fuel-efficient 16.4-litre 770 hp flagship that is soon to be launched in Australia, the most powerful onroad engine available anywhere. By 1980 Scania took another significantly innovative step by introducing its first modular commercial vehicle range, a concept that underpins its truck range today. In 2000, Scania built its one millionth vehicle and in 2009 its collaboration with Chinese bus builder Higer culminated in the launch of the mass produced Scania A-series range. Underlining Scania’s long-term commitment to reducing its environmental impact, Scania launched its first Euro 6 compliant engines in 2011, two years ahead of the mandate. The New Truck Generation was launched in 2016 which offers the highest level of driver safety anywhere in the world, incorporating the first use of side curtain roll over airbags. By the end of 2020, almost half a million Scania trucks and buses around the world were connected through onboard data links to allow the factory (and customers) to monitor vehicle and driver performance with the aim of reducing fuel consumption and promoting greater driver awareness and safe driving techniques.

Scania has been active in the Australian heavy vehicle market for 50 years, beginning with the supply of bonneted trucks, used in the logging industry and wherever heavy duty trucks were required. Buses joined the company’s product range in 1985, and Scania has enjoyed a leading role in the provision of safe and efficient city buses across Australia ever since. For a while, Scania assembled trucks and buses in Australia, but all truck product is now fully imported along with some buses. Scania imports city and coach chassis to Australia to be bodied by local coachbuilders.

During the past decade, Scania has enhanced its product offering for Australian truck and bus operators and now commands around 10 percent of the Australian heavy duty truck market (above 16-tonnes) and around 30 percent of the bus market. Scania also supplies irrigation engines for agriculture, and marine engines for work and pleasure boats, as well as generator sets for stand-alone prime and back-up power. Scania directly employs more than 500 Australians across the country at nine company owned and operated sales and service branches based in capital cities, augmented by a national network of more than 50 independent authorised service dealers. | |


Realistic Pty Ltd, is a boutique importer & wholesaler to major, independent and specialized outlets across Australia. We deliver quality products at REALISTIC prices whilst provide outstanding service to our customers.


Realistic Pty Ltd, is a boutique importer & wholesaler to major, independent and specialized outlets across Australia. We deliver quality products at REALISTIC prices whilst provide outstanding service to our customers. We have an in house creative studio and product sourcing department capable of creating product ranges for our customers however small or large from our worldwide network.

Our success is built on our team focusing on 

Quality at a REALISTIC price – We never lose sight of the need to create and deliver extreme value with quality. 

Honesty and Integrity – We never take shortcuts.

Customer Service – We do whatever it takes.

We are committed to

· Innovative solutions you can trust.

· Identifying trends and category opportunities to increase your sales and margins.

· Creating long term, mutually beneficial partnerships that deliver REALISTIC value to both our manufacturers and clientele

NEW PREMIUM MEMBER – EQT Partners Australia

EQT is a purpose-driven global investment organization with close to three decades of consistent investment performance across multiple geographies, sectors, and strategies. EQT has raised more than EUR 84 billion since inception and has as of 31 December 2020 more than EUR 52 billion in assets under management across 17 active funds within two business segments – Private Capital and Real Assets.
With its roots in the Wallenberg family’s entrepreneurial mindset and philosophy of long-term ownership, EQT is guided by a set of strong values and a distinct corporate culture. EQT manages and advises funds and vehicles that invest across the world with the mission to future-proof companies, generate attractive returns and make a positive impact with everything EQT does.

The EQT AB Group comprises EQT AB (publ) and its direct and indirect subsidiaries, which include general partners and fund managers of EQT funds as well as entities advising EQT funds. EQT has offices in 17 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America with more than 700 employees.

NEW SMALL BUSINESS MEMBER – Absolute Immigration

Absolute Immigration is thrilled to come on board as a Small Business Member with the Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce. Founder of Absolute Immigration and Global Immigration Leader, Jamie Lingham, believes in the value of international cultures coming together to provide diversity within communities and businesses. He, and the whole team at Absolute Immigration, have extensive experience in preparing and supporting clients to find the best employees from around the world and also helping with their transactional and compliance needs.

We have worked with some of Australia’s leading companies with large expatriate populations and provided timely and practical advice to the business and their expatriate employees. As part of our service, we provide ongoing updates on immigration legislation and policy changes which impact their business, ensuring that we add ongoing value to our working relationship.

Our team are experienced in undertaking projects for organisations with expatriate employees. We have performed a number of projects for large scale employers in Australia with regard to risk assessments, policy review and process and program implementation.

Absolute Immigration work collaboratively with our clients to devise strategies to achieve the best outcomes for your business and your employees. Our agents develop strategies that ensure the attraction and retention of key international appointments and build policies around your global mobility program.


We have come to save humans from digital experiences that suck.

We’re the biggest experimentation team in Scandinavia. We help our clients use actual data and insights instead of guesses. Armed with scientific methods, we reveal our customers’ growth potential and help them reach their business goals.

Since the start, we’ve improved conversion in over 1000 projects – and that’s something that we’re going to keep doing.  We currently have over 60 conversion heroes in three offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo.

NEW SMALL BUSINESS MEMBER – Rossel Consulting Group

Rossel Consulting Group was founded in 2018 offering both corporate finance advisory services, under the name of Spawn Ventures, as well as real estate services.  
Spawn Ventures provides corporate clients in the gaming and esports industries with advice on mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, divestments and strategy. Spawn Ventures further offers senior board level advise, also primarily to the gaming and esports industries​.
The real estate advisory business is a property buyers agency offering seamless advice to investors or home owners looking for a successful and stress free property purchase in the Sydney region. We assist throughout the whole purchase process and have access to off market properties that enable our clients to get ahead of the competition and negotiate to secure properties for the best price.