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Applications open – BUSINESS MENTORSHIP PROGRAM 2021-2022



We welcome SACC & YP members to be part of this rewarding program as mentors or mentees. The program connects generations of more senior business managers with young professionals within the Swedish-Australian business community.

SACC and YP Committees manage the matching process and help pairs establish a successful mentoring relationship throughout the program. Mentors and mentees meet for one-to-one mentoring sessions in person or online about 6-10 times during the 12-month program. During the program period, there will be check in events including a mid year evaluation with the opportunity for mentees and mentors to reflect and highlight any changes they wish to make. 


  • To join as a mentee or mentor, you must be a member of SACC or YP
  • Both mentees and mentors must be willing to attend the program launch and are expected to meet a minimum of 6-10 times in person or online during the 12-month program


Mentees and mentors will be asked to complete a short application form detailing areas of interest and expectations. Our selection process is designed to properly align our mentors and mentees to ensure a positive experience for both individuals.

We are looking for mentors with business management and leadership experience from large to small and medium-sized companies, with expertise in different areas such as management, finance, fin-tech, technology, law, marketing and communication. Becoming a mentor can be rewarding and comes with benefits such as; broadening your horizons and challenge your perspectives, enhancing your leadership skills and help shape the leaders of tomorrow. Mentors will also have the opportunity to gain intrinsic rewards for meaningful work.

Here is what a mentee said about last years program:

I gained a whole lot from the relationship with my mentor! Not only did my mentor help guiding me in my career path, but also acted as a coach and helped me grow on an individual level as well as on a professional. My mentor’s personality, extensive work experience and knowledge was exactly what I needed in a mentor at that point in time. It was a great match. My main goal with the mentorship program was to establish the next steps in my career path, which we did. Not only did I enjoy the progress we made from our monthly meetings which helped me in my career, but I also really enjoyed speaking with my mentor about his life journey. I would definitely recommend the program to others.”

Feedback from one of our mentors:

”Being a Mentor gave me a great sense of “value”. I was able to share my business and life experience gained from various positions during a lifelong career and apply this to the challenges of the Mentee. I think we achieved a lot together by identifying the key areas and specific actions which would support my Mentee’s development. I would absolutely recommend this program and will be partaking in the upcoming program.”


Application form for Mentors

Application form for Mentees

Contact us if you would like to find out more about the program.

Introducing new Melbourne VIC Chapter Chair John Rieusset

John Rieusset was elected to the position of Chairperson of the Melbourne Chapter at the start of May, succeeding Luke Warren, who has recently stepped down as Chairperson.

John has been an active contributor to SACC in Melbourne since 2018, representing SACC Premium Member ABB ( John has more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry, having held various technical, commercial and marketing roles. He currently leads ABB’s activities within the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

We congratulate John on his new appointment and thank Luke for his contributions as Chairperson of the Melbourne Chapter.

Digital Insights from the Experts

Read the latest Digital Insights from SACC Small Business Member Amire Strategic Digital Marketing here


How to Target International Customers Through SEO

Businesses are going global and the need to attract customers from multiple countries and languages has grown tremendously. As a result, international SEO has become a key part of the marketing sphere, with businesses using localisation signals such as hreflang tags in an attempt to compete in international markets.

Having a poor international SEO strategy can mean that websites may risk having the incorrect country pages indexed in search results if the right signals to crawlers. It may also prevent local content from ranking more effectively for a particular location.

Read more in this post which offer a few quick tips on how you can revamp your global SEO efforts.







Randek chosen as the major supplier for the largest offsite prefabricated construction factory in Australia

Swedish company and SACC member Randek was chosen as the major supplier for the largest offsite/prefabricated construction factory in Australia.  This large investment has been made by the company Timbertruss  This project was sold in partnership with Randek’s local representatives, machinery supply specialists Bliss & Reels

Timbertruss are located in Corio, Victoria (just outside Geelong).  They have two giant factory buildings, totalling over 30,000 square metres, with multiple Randek production lines for wall frames, wall panels & roof trusses.

Timbertruss are actively supplying projects with panelised wall & floor elements for panelised construction.  This approach to construction offers large time, quality & productivity gains over site methods and is an approach still relatively uncommon in Australia, though common in Sweden.

YouTube Video: ‘Timbertruss – The Future of Construction’


Automated roof truss production:

Robotic wall frame production:

Wall panel production:


Bliss & Reels is one of the largest machinery suppliers in Australasia, with a wealth of experience in the supply, commissioning and service of a wide variety of production machinery for steel, concrete, asphalt and timber industries.

Bliss & Reels provide comprehensive range of services, including turn-key installations;

  • Advice, project management
  • Shipping, commissioning and installation
  • Training and after sales service
  • Spare parts sales delivered to stores
  • Finance

Based in Melbourne, servicing Australia & New Zealand, they are proud to represent some of the world’s leading production machinery manufacturers, who are at the forefront of machinery design and production output. Bliss & Reels are committed to continuing growth and expansion into related activities with an increased focus on automation, safety and environmentally friendly technologies.

Randek are pioneers in creating innovative automation solutions for customers within the prefabricated house manufacturing industry. The have developed and manufactured high performance machines and systems for prefabrication of walls, floors, ceiling, roof trusses, cut saws, butterfly turning tables and specialized machinery since the 1940s. Today Randek is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high performance machines and complete systems for effective house manufacturing with 90 percent of the production being exported from their factory in Falkenberg, Sweden.




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What is so special about Swedish Leadership? Interview with SACC Member Mikael Dahlgren, Alfa Laval

Jan Marklund is the co-author of the book “From stagnation to success – Solution Focused tools for newly appointed managers” [Swedish title: Från tomgång till framgång – lösningsfokuserade verktyg för nyanställda chefer] published 2016. A practical handbook for leaders in how to use Solutions Focus to get traction and accelerate success in a new management role. Working with managers, executive teams, athletes and politicians, Jan has extensive expertise around best practice and the common challenges modern leaders face on a daily basis and this book is filled with tips and practical examples.

Jan is currently conducting research for his second book, which investigates the typical characteristics of Swedish leadership style, its international reputation and impact on the world. As such, Jan is inviting leaders and managers all over the world, experienced in Swedish leadership, for research interviews.

The SACC connected Jan with one of our Corporate members Mikael Dahlgren CEO and CFO Alfa Laval Oceania.

Here is the interview with Mikael.


What would you describe is common or typical regarding Swedish leadership?

First I must say I haven’t worked in Sweden for a long time. Before my position here in Oceania with Alfa Laval, I was living and working in Germany and the UK.

One aspect that immediately comes to my mind, is inclusive. There isn’t as much hierarchy in Sweden, as there is in many other countries. You don’t feel like you are treated in a certain way because you are at the top and in another if you are further down. Amongst management, there aren’t so many ”generals” but rather ”gardeners” who want to nurture employees and help them grow. They show interest, empathy and really listen to others needs and viewpoints. I would say there is mutual respect.

Being personal, maybe sending a Happy birthday-mail with an extra greeting: ”Happy Birthday, we hope you stay with us many more years to come” is important.” It’s free, there is no cost involved what so ever and it makes a huge difference. People feel appreciated and special.


One reason for this cultural difference I think stems from early childhood and in Swedish schools, the fact that kids are treated in a certain way. There is an open dialogue between students and teachers from early on. You are trained to take responsibility and set your own goals, not just get good marks. The teacher asks what you want, what your opinion is. This continues to play out in adult life and in many workplaces.

In Sweden, I think we dare to bring diversity into management teams. When recruiting and organising you look for different competencies and also different opinions. This means you have to be good at delegating and give responsibility to others. Here in Australia recruiting ”more of the same” is more common.

What would you say is important to know or understand when you are working for the first time in a Swedish organisation or commencing cooperation?

In other cultures you might not be used to questioning an issue, to ask ”why”. As I said earlier, you are encouraged from an early age to speak up about your opinion. So leaders do ask for your suggestions more often, they demonstrate more ”trust”. You are encouraged to find new, better solutions and you don’t get punished if you make an error. To show trust applies both ways, up-down, down-up. Of course, you don’t see this everywhere, but I would say you see more of this in Swedish companies than in other countries.

Flat organisations are also more common, sometimes in a meeting, you don’t even recognise who is the boss.

A story, told by a friend, true or not, was that a person came into a meeting room and he couldn’t determine by the conversation who was in charge, who the boss was. It wasn’t until a person ”revealed” himself. That person took off his suit jacket… and after that everybody else did. It was a little like the Swedish king at the Nobel banquet, he is the first to sit down, then everybody else follows, a small gesture that reveals who is in charge.

What do you think are the key strengths in Swedish leadership?

Similar to what I said earlier but I could add; giving people opportunities, listening to people, listening to EVERYONE, inviting their input and supporting them to achieve their personal goals.

Anything controversial?

Maybe that Swedish leadership could be seen as too soft by some, too weak in anglo-saxian cultures. But I think that is at first glance, after a while it’s appreciated and builds trust and loyalty.

Other reflections?

During Covid, working from home hasn’t been appreciated by everyone. Some managers here in Australia have been sceptical. Will things be done that should be done? Could you actually trust the employees? Quite a few managers were surprised because most things were accomplished on time, without surveillance. I think that if you can’t trust the people working in the company, perhaps they should not be working in the organisation. Actually, through current technology platforms, you are able to check up on your team members activity and their laptop use. I would never dream of doing that, but I’m sorry to say that I know that some managers do. To me, the most important thing is not how many hours someone has been working but rather what their output is.


Interviewer and author, Jan Marklund founded GongGång Ledarutveckling i Sverige AB, offering leader development programs, individual coaching and a range of interactive workshops, all based on the solutions-focused and salutogenic approach. For over 15 years, he and his team have assisted managers and executive teams in identifying and applying their existing strengths, shifting mindsets and approaches through constructive reflection and a range of practical tools for the big and small challenges that occur in the every-day-life of managers and executive teams. * Solutions Focus in Organizations, an international network of solution-focused practitioners which promotes, supports and develops research and applications of Solution Focus in Organisations.


You are welcome to contact Jan if you have any questions and are interested in taking part in his interview research:

Jan Marklund, GongGång ledarutveckling AB
ph. +46 733 359 191

Constant Security Offer Free Personal Safety Workshop for Members and Staff

Personal Safety Workshop and Live Webinar

Constant Security Services self-defence and personal protection expert, Mick Bell will be running a series of three Personal Safety webinars teaching practical strategies for everyday situations.

These webinars are a must for everyone. Any person, male or female,  can be subjected to an assault or crime against them in any situation. Whether they are at work, home or in a familiar local neighbourhood going for a walk. Statistically, 20% of most assaults occur near or in a home.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics:

In the most recent incident of physical assault experienced by women:

  • the offender was most commonly a male (76%)
  • the offender was more commonly someone known to the woman (80%) than a stranger (20%)
  • In the most recent incident of physical assault experienced by men:
  • the offender was most commonly a male (81%)
  • the offender was a stranger in nearly half of incidents (45%)

Useful strategies will be presented throughout all webinar series with the aim to reduce potentially dangerous situations, whilst improving situational awareness. Understanding and having the ability to recognise potentially dangerous situations and behaviours are extremely important in crime prevention. Taking a pro-active approach to your own behaviour and actions are equally important.

In a short, sharp 30 minutes, Mick delivers an engaging and informative webinar providing potentially lifesaving knowledge.

The first episode will be delivered on the 24th June 2020, focusing on teaching skills around situational awareness, day and night.

This is offered free of charge exclusively to the Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce members and their staff, just follow the registration prompts.

Register here: