SACC Sydney 10 October – A Cashless Society

No Cash Please! Takeaways from a Cashless Society a Summary of EPA Asia’s Study Tour to Sweden

SACC members and guests are welcome to attend a special EPA @Home event on Thursday 10 October, where we will share our Key Findings from the Emerging Payments Association Asia’s Study Tour to Sweden – A Cashless Society.

Lance Blockley (MD The Initiatives Group) who led the study tour will present the key findings and make them come alive, applied to an Australian setting, during his moderation of two-panel sessions where some of the thought leaders in Swedish Payments Technology will participate.

This is what Anna-Lena Wretman, the CEO of Swish, said about EPA Asia Study tour:

“It’s me who should thank you. I think we had a very nice talk and I truly believe in sharing knowledge across the globe to find both similarities and differences. It’s that kind of relationship and cooperation that builds a better world!”


5.00-5.30 Registration and Networking – Drinks and Canapes

5.30-5.35 Welcome Note Director General EPA Asia, Camilla Bullock

5.35-5.45 Presentation Key Findings from a Cashless Society, Lance Blockley

5.45-6.25 Panel 1. Real-Time Payments the Swedish Way

Realtime Payments in Sweden is enabled by Swish and BankID

• BankID has 8 million registrations (Sweden has a population of 10 million) and will be used to authenticate 4.2 billion transactions (not all payment related) in 2019 – an average of 525 uses per ID or almost 1.5 times per day per ID.

• Swish has 6.8 million users, with 68% using it at least monthly; 400 million payments in 2018, equivalent to 40 per year for each person in Sweden

Panellists: Jon White (BPAY Group), Robert Book (Swish/BankID/CGI), Nicholas Hollings (Equinix), Katrina Stuart (NPP)

6.40-7.20 Panel 2. Payments in the world of APIs

Covering areas such as

• How Open Banking and APIs have generated the development of new product offerings

• How does the use of APIs impact payment infrastructure

Panellists: Joakim Sjogren (Minna Technology), Kristofer Rogers (Split Payments), Kees Kwakernaak (Fiserv).

7.20-7.30 Announcements

This event is sponsored by Equinix and Split Payments, who are both passionate participants in the payment ecosystem.

7.30-8.30 Networking Drinks

Our host for the evening is Grant Thornton a supporter of Emerging Payments Association Asia.

Tickets are limited.

SACC/YP Melbourne After Work 3 October

SACC/YP Melbourne welcome to After Work Wednesday 3 Oct at the Emerson Rooftop Bar in South Yarra!

You are not required to be a member in order to attend the Young Professional’s after work events but you’ll enjoy lots of benefits if you sign up for a yearly membership – ideal for someone who would want to strengthen their network and get involved within the Swedish community in Melbourne. As a member, you will receive discounts on all our events, e.g. the popular Midsummer and Christmas parties. Please see the link below for further details.

— Who Are Young Professionals? —
Young Professionals (YP) is a subdivision of the Swedish-Australian Chamber of Commerce. We organise and offer a number of events for Swedes living in Melbourne and in Sydney on a temporary to permanent basis and for people interested in Swedish culture and community in general. Professional or student – we welcome all! We aim to create a network for those who are at the initial stages of their careers and are looking to establish themselves in Sydney.

— Is this for me? —
“Young Professionals – it sounds so serious, is it really something for me?” As a group, our board and our members make up a diverse pool of people from all kinds of professional backgrounds and from a wide range of industries. We are very inclusive and making everyone feel welcome is very important to us!

Become a member:

Look out for YP and SACC updates on Facebook

See you there!


New extended network opportunities via SACC and the Australian Business Council of Sweden

SACC Sydney Invitation – IKEA leading the way in the Circular Economy 24 Sept 2019

SACC welcomes members and guests to an evening event at IKEA Australia, HubHus, Clock Tower, Tempe Sydney, 24 Sept at 6pm

Sustainability is one of our main focus areas and for this event, SACC has teamed up with IKEA who will guide us through initiatives they have taken to lay the groundwork for a circular economy. IKEA’s CEO and CSO, Jan Gardberg will be presenting as well as IKEA’s Sustainability team with Melissa Miller, Kate Ringvall, Bhumika Selot and IKEA Tempe Sales Manager, David Hawthorn. As a highlight for this event we also have the pleasure in welcoming the newly appointedAmbassador of Sweden to Australia HE Henrik Cederin.

The schedule for the event is as follows:
6.00pm: Registration, meet and greet, drinks and canapes are served
6.30pm: Welcome and Introduction by SACC and HE Henrik Cederin Ambassador of Sweden followed by Jan Gardberg, CEO & CSO IKEA Australia & NZ, Melissa Miller, IKEA Sustainability Manager Australia & NZ, Kate Ringvall and Bhumika Selot IKEA 
Sustainability Business Partners Australia & NZ and David Hawthorn, IKEA Tempe Sales Manager. 
7.30pm: Q&A
7.45pm: Mingle and drinks continues
8.30pm: Event ends

When: Tuesday 24 September, 6.00-8.30pm
Where: IKEA Australia, HubHus, Clock Tower, 630 Princes Highway, Tempe, Sydney
Directions to HubHus entrance: Park in the above or below ground customer car park and make your way to the Customer Entrance. Walk past the outer entrance and follow the signs around the edge of the store to HubHus. You will see a large glass stair case, make your way to the Guest Entrance at the top of the sandstone steps. When approaching the glass doors you will see an intercom button on the brick wall to your right, press the button and wait to be greeted, then announce yourself and who you are here to see and the doors will be unlocked for you to enter. We look forward to welcoming you.
SACC members free, Non-members $15

Obtaining Accredited Sponsorship Status with the Department of Home Affairs

In this article, Rita Chowdhury, Principal of boutique immigration law firm Integrate Legal explains the steps your business can take to cut down on visa application paperwork and get work visas for employees approved in record time.

What is Accredited Sponsorship?

  • Accredited Sponsorship status is granted to Australian employers that have a significant, regular and ongoing need to sponsor and nominate overseas workers under the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa (subclass 482).
  • This is designed to ensure that low-risk sponsors can access priority allocation and streamlined processing for all nomination and visa applications.

What are the benefits?

Automatic Priority Processing of visa applications

All TSS visa and nomination applications lodged by Accredited Sponsors are given priority processing.

Standard Business Sponsor applications take over 4 weeks to process. By comparison, Accredited Sponsor applications are processed in 1-5 days.

Streamlined Processing (auto-grant) of nomination applications

Streamline Processing is available for certain nomination applications lodged by Accredited Sponsors. This means the Department of Home Affairs automatically approves the nomination application immediately after lodgement.

Less Application Paperwork

Visa applicants are not required to obtain overseas police clearance certificates if their Accredited Sponsor is willing to provide a character reference letter. 

Accredited Sponsors are permitted to post advertisements on their business websites.

Can I Get Accredited?

  • Firstly, you must be a Standard Business Sponsor. You can apply for a Standard Business Sponsor and accreditation simultaneously. If you already are a Standard Business Sponsor, you can apply for accredited status when you renew your existing sponsorship.
  • Secondly, you must fall within one of the following categories
Category Description
Australian Trusted Traders You are a current Australian Trusted Trader, with an Australian workforce made up of a least of 75% Australian workers  
Low volume usage and high percentage of Australian workers (at least 85%) In addition to having a high percentage of Australian workers, you should have a 97% approval rate for nomination applications in the last year, and have been a standard business sponsor for at least one year
High volume usage and medium percentage of Australian workers (at least 75%) In addition to having a medium percentage of Australian workers, you should have a 97% approval rate for nomination applications in the last two years, and have been a standard business sponsor for at least two years

Help with applying?

We have successfully obtained accredited sponsorship for many of our clients.  If you are interested in discussing whether you are eligible or in proceeding with an application don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team at

About Integrate Legal

Integrate Legal is a boutique immigration law firm with expertise in business and employment related visa applications.  Integrate Legal is led by Rita Chowdhury, an award-winning immigration law specialist with over 18 years’ experience.  For more information on our firm go to:

SACC Perth WA Event – IKEA leading the way in the Circular Economy 17 Sept 2019

SACC Perth WA welcomes members and guests to an evening event at IKEA Perth 17 September, 6pm

Sustainability is one of our main focus areas and for this event SACC has teamed up with IKEA who will guide us through initiatives they have taken to lay the groundwork for a circular economy. 

The schedule for the event is as follows:
6.00pm: Registration, meet and greet, drinks and canapes are served
6.30pm: Welcome by SACC and introduction of Kate Ringvall, IKEA’s Sustainability Business Partner followed by a panel discussion led by IKEA Perth Store Manager Chris Nield and Q&A
7.30pm: Mingle and drinks continues
8.30pm: Event ends

Where: IKEA Perth, (upstairs in the restaurant) 6 Sunray Drive (off Ellen Stirling Blvd) Innaloo WA 6018
When: Tuesday 17 September, 6.00-8.30pm
SACC members free, Non-members $15

Presenting the new Ambassador of Sweden to Australia HE Henrik Cederin

Ambassador Henrik Cederin
Photo: Kristian Pohl

HE Mr Henrik Cederin joined the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs in 1991 and has held postings at the Embassies of Sweden in Seoul, Tel Aviv and Tokyo, as well as in the Permanent Representation of Sweden to the European Union in Brussels. Prior to taking up his position as Sweden’s ambassador to Australia in 2019, Mr Cederin served for four years as Sweden’s ambassador to Zambia. 2010-2015 Mr Cederin served as Director and Deputy Head of the Department for Asia and the Pacific Region at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Stockholm.

Henrik Cederin also has a background in management consulting and corporate communications, having worked for two leading Swedish consultancies. Henrik Cederin has a degree in Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics (1988), went through the United Nations Disarmament Fellowship Programme (1992) and has served on the board of the European Institute of Japanese Studies at the Stockholm School of Economics (2011-2015). Henrik Cederin is born 1963 and is married with one child.

The Embassy

The Embassy of Sweden in Australia’s mission is to represent Sweden and the Swedish government in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Tuvalu, Vanuatu and Tonga.

Trade and business related issues as well as consular service to Swedish citizens living or travelling in the region are prioritised tasks for the embassy. For support, we also have 16 honorary consulates within the embassy’s geographic area.

The consulates are located in:

Australia: Adelaide (vacant), Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

New Zealand: Auckland and Wellington

Pacific: Fiji Suva, Papua New Guinea Port Moresby, Solomon Islands Honiara, Samoa Apia, Tonga Nuku’alofa and Vanuatu Port Vila


The 100 Point Challenge was founded by two Australians, Dan Paech and Anna Millan, who currently live in Sweden. The company started in Stockholm in 2016 and has since expanded to Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Sydney. The company is now 21 people globally, and has organised team building events for many of the best known companies in the world, including the likes of Google, IKEA, Spotify and On 5 December we are organising a launch event for 100 Point Challenge game, race and quiz in Sydney. This unique city discovery game involves team problem solving, navigation, and creativity. We will be playing “Bushranger’s Bash”, which is designed for locals, with a focus on The Rocks and Circular Quay area. After the game we’ll gather at a CBD bar to find out who won the game, and for a well-deserved drink. More event details to come.